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How to rank your brand-new website on Google

How to rank your brand-new website on Google

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How to rank your brand-new website on Google

To rank your brand-new website on google you have to make use of SEO technique

What is SEO –SEO refers to the techniques and the expertise one needs to use in order to make a search engine recommend or show up your website content on the first top page of the results that the google search engine shows. In other language, you can define it as the magic or else the formula that you will employ to make a given search engine rank your website as first option of the results it will display.

What does SEO mean in full? it means – Search Engine Optimization.

What is a search engine? A search engine is a software program that is used to read or to display web pages. A good example of a search engine is chrome, yahoo etc.

SEO helps a search engine figure out or else it helps it skim all through your webpage and identify the most important information.

You can use the following strategies to help you rank your new website high on google but first we will state the types of SEO technique available;

Types of SEO Technique
  1. On page SEO
  2. Off page SEO

On page SEO- it is the practice of optimizing individual webpages in order to obtain a higher ranking and have a more relevant web traffic

The following techniques will guide you in optimizing you web content;

The title should contain a target keyword

Note that the title carries all the entire content of your web page. it communicates the information which will be contained in the entire content. when optimizing your webpage make use of a keyword-based article since this feature make a search engine recommend your website at the top. Also, place the keyword next close to the keyword.

 Drop key in the first 100 words

This is a very important characteristics to keep in mind when optimizing your webpage. Make sure that the keyword appears in the first 100 words of your webpage. This will make search engine recommend your web page at the top.

Use outbound links

Many individuals tend to ignore the outbound links in their webpages but including outbound links shows that your information is right, valid and informative. However, the informative links which you include should be from authentic and high-quality sources.

Include a meta-description for each description

A meta description is a very important necessity in any given article since it speaks out the content that we expect to find in a website. A meta-description prompts individuals to press your website. It should be brief but descriptive enough to capture the attention of users online. Place the meta-description immediately after the title.

Put your target word in the URL

Target word is the backbone in any website writing. Ensure that you insert it in the URL since it attracts more web traffic.

Add the keywords in your website strategically

For every content that you include in the website, ensure that the keywords are appropriately placed. Note that keywords that are appropriately placed will attract more web traffic as compared to the keywords that are in appropriately placed. Placing the keywords strategically means that you place the words in the right manner. Right manner how? Ensure that they do not follow each other in a prose form. If you use it at the beginning you can use it again in the middle and in the end. Distribute the keyword in the entire text appropriately.

Post long content

Ensure that your content is long enough and contains the basic necessities since websites with long content tend to be ranked high by the browsers. Posting long content also helps the browser recognize your work as more relevant. Let say it could consist of a maximum of 2000 to 1000 words minimum.

Take advantage of internal linking.

use well the opportunity of internet linking since this enables the web browsers display your webpage at the top most part after their website search.

Image optimization

Making use of images in your website makes the website look more attractive and informative therefore one need to include images in their website since this will make the browsers rank the websites to the top. Also include names to the images and the names should also entail the keyword.

Make sure that you target the less competitive keywords

Use long tail keyword as this will increase the chances of your website being ranked at the top.

Use LSI words

LSI words are the synonyms and should be included in a website since they also help web browsers rank your website at the top.

Ensure that your website is fast

Ensure that your website is fast in terms of speed since the browsers tend to rank at top the websites that are fast in terms of speed.

Ensure that your website is mobile friendly

Make sure that your website can be accessed even by individuals who own mobile phones. Mobile phones users should be able to read and access the webpage with ease without having to zoom the page with their mobile phones.

Off-user search engine optimization

What is off user search engine optimization – it is defined to be the techniques that go beyond a website. People associate it with link building but it however digs deep beyond that link building technique. The following are the techniques and the guideline procedures endorsed to rank a website at the top:

 Ensure that you build high quality backlinks only

Link building is the most important technique in ranking a website at the top and it is also the most challenging aspect. You should not that without the linking technicality, your website wont rank at the top at all. Ensure that you enforce high quality backlinks only since the website that contain high quality back links will rank the top in the search engines search results.

Broken links building

Broken links building is the process of identifying broken links in your website. The main aim is to ensure that we replace the broken appropriately and the tool that we can rely on when building broken links is check my links


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Skyscraper technique

This was a high web ranking technique introduced by Brian Dean and it is a very excellent technique whereby by enforcing it can boost the relevance of your website. Identify a linkable asset which is both informative and awesome which you can use again and again.

Guest graphic method

This is another type of a linking technique that uses info graphics and, in this method, instead of publishing an infographic and requesting other people to share it, you are publishing it for them to release in their site in exchange of unique content

The step by step procedures involved are:

  • Post an infographic in your site
  • Find a site that write about the infographic’s topic
  • Show them your infographic
  • Offer them the unique content
  • Give your conceptual backlinks in turn
Guest post relevant blogs

Guest post relevant blogs greatly aid in bradding a website. Ensure that you introduce them in your blog in order to ensure that your blog rank the top in any web activity.

Answer on Quora

Quora is defined to be an online community of people providing answers to questions posted online. The important of Quora is seen in the following websites

  • Websites which rely on traffic for revenue share reasons
  • Website that sell information products
  • Website that sell products
  • Bloggers who want to establish themselves as an authority on their subject matter
Blog commenting

Commenting on blogs is very important technicality since it helps create backlinks which in turn create traffic to your website. Commenting helps drive and attract traffic to your website. Regular commenting is also another basic entity since it connects you to many more bloggers.


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 Link round ups

Selected and organized updates are mutually beneficial links. Link round ups are intentionally created by bloggers who are in search of content to link to. If you might be luck and, in your effort, you manage to connect to those links, then our website will be in a good position of attracting much traffic.

e an active member of social media

To ensure that your website show at the top of a browser’s results ensure that you are active on social media. Share the links to your website content on social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter since this will help attract more traffic to your website.

Ensure that you promote your new blog

Promoting your new blogs helps people discover of the existence of your website and the more you promote your website the higher the ranking it has with search engines. Once a new blog is published share links such that people can access to it

  Stay connected with google guidelines

For higher ranking and web branding ensure that you are conversant with any kind of update from the google authorities. This kind of updates help you to stay updated and kept in touch.

Follow googles guidelines

Ensure that you follow any single directive communicated by the google i.e. do not deceive your users and also do not use tricks aided to attract traffic to your website. Always think about what can make your website the best, unique, valuable and engaging. Make your website out beat the other websites out there in the field.

 Note follow the above-mentioned guidelines if you wish to brand your new website online.


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