How to send, please call me on AIRTEL Kenya

How to send please call me on AIRTEL Kenya

How to send, please call me on AIRTEL Kenya

Please call is a service that allows a person to make a call request even when they are run out of time. The option is not only available to Safaricom subscribers only, but also it is available on airtel subscribers.

To send, please call me in airtel is free of charge, and AIRTEL gives you the option to send a maximum of ten such messages a day, unlike Safaricom, which only allows you to make five requests a day.

Unlike Safaricom, whereby sending, please call me message involves dialing a short USSD code in the format *130* the phone number to dispatch please contact me to then #, on airtel you will have to access the airtel main menu in the format outlined below;

  • Dial *100# and select option 6, kopa and other services.
  • Next, choose option 2 that denotes, call me back.
  • Enter the mobile number that you would wish to send the please call me request to and click send.
  • You will receive a notification from airtel informing you that the request has been send to the said number and at the same time the recipient will receive the please call me request from and they may decide to call you or not.
  • Note: unlike Telkom, if you are an airtel subscriber, you can as well send the please call me request across all other available networks

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