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How to add dependents on NHIF online

How to add dependents on NHIF online

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How to add dependents on NHIF online

The National Hospital insurance fund (NHIF) has made tremendous strides in assisting Kenyans to access medical services. NHIF is the only medical coverage in the country that permits an individual to add beneficiaries at no extra fee. The process is short and takes only a few minutes to complete at any NHIF branch office or Huduma center.

Required documents

Before going to NHIF offices or Huduma centre, you need to have all the required documents to avoid being told you come back again with all documents required. Below is an outline of the required documents:

  • A copy of your National Identity Card
  • A copy of your spouse’s National Identity Card
  • Marriage certificate photocopy or a sworn affidavit from a magistrate in case of a traditional union
  • To add your children to your NHIF card carry their birth certificates or birth notification if the child is between 0-6 months.
  • Colored passport size photos for your dependent.


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How to add dependents to your NHIF card

With all the required documents, these are the steps to follow when amending your dependents to your NHIF:

Step 1: Fill the NHIF amendment form. You can acquire the form from any NHIF branch, Huduma centre or you can download it online.

Step 2: State the amendments needed and in this case adding dependents to NHIF. Fill the relevant sections and add your signature where required to confirm that the information is correct.

Step3: Attach all the other needed documents to the NHIF dependent registration form.

Step4: Visit any NHIF branch or Huduma center and hand over the forms to the relevant officer

The officer will go through to verify if all the documents are there and will key in some information in the system. He/she will then fill the “official use only” section. Next, all the new information with the dependents will be updated to your account.

You can also amend your dependents details online using the following simple steps:

  1. Log in to your NHIF account using your email address and password or create an account if you do not have one.
  2. Tap on the dependents registration on the menu
  3. Key in your national identity number
  4. Next, fill in all the necessary fields
  5. Attach a scanned copy of dependents colored passport photo
  6. Attach a scanned copy of the dependents birth certificate/ marriage certificate/affidavit
  7. Save the document and submit. Note that if not all the fields are filled then you cannot submit it.
  8. The system will keep a tab on the submission status by sending a notification to the contributor’s phone number.

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