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How to Answer Tell Me about Yourself Question in A Job Interview

How to Answer Tell Me about Yourself Question in A Job Interview

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How to Answer Tell Me about Yourself Question in A Job Interview

Sometimes when we attend interviews, most employers will require us to explain about ourselves to them. He or she may decide to ask you, now Felix, “tell me about yourself. “This question can really make you stammer around if it is your first time to come across the question asking yourself what details I should provide. Some people even take time trying to think and rethink again loading which answer to give out.

If you have been faced by such a situation at past, then do not panic, I will teach the tips that you can always keep in  mind so that the next time you come across this question, you will even surprise your employer with the responses that you will answer to them;

    Tip 1. Ensure that at first you are free.

Make sure you are not tensed or may be take out any possible stress that might hinder you from answering such a question at first. Breathe in and out severally to drive out any possible kind of fear and tension.

Then confidently face the interviewee straight at their eyes to show out that you have confidence and you believe on yourself. Some employees even will fear facing you straight at your eyes, when you see such kind of a reaction then continue facing them continuously.


Tip 2. Mention your past experiences.

Here ensure that you mention all the past experiences you have encountered at past but however only mention the areas that relates to the job opportunity that you are being interviewed for if possible. which means also you should have read more about the job requirements before you first attend the interview. Familiarize yourself with some more other job fields within the same job.

If you have graduated recently from school, then mention the areas which you involved yourself at while at school which also rhyme with the job requirements mentioned earlier. Also include those achievements that you have made in your previous experiences.


I’ve initially worked as one of the first-class supervisors at (the place where you worked) and at work proportion, I always stood out as the best supervisor since all my employees completed their assigned jobs on time and competed. If you are a fresh graduate you can say, while at school, I involved myself with debate club and science congress team.


At the debate club I always emerged out as the best debater when we attended debates since I always challenged my opponents very well.  I remember at school we came up with a project of a coding program that could request the generator to turn on when electric power supply went off and also turn off the generator when the electrical power resumed and I emerged position three at National level.


Tip 3. Mention Your Educational Background

Make sure that you mention your educational and most important do not leave the highest educational level since this might make you be more considered for the job than the other individuals. Also, if you are not limited to time that much, go ahead and mention out the grades you attained but only at the highest levels.  Mention also any other educational feature that you have.  Carry out with all possible academic papers and certificates at the interview.


I graduated from (mention the institution you were schooling initially) with a bachelors/masters/diploma/certificate in ( the course that you took) with a fast class honors/second upper  bachelors/masters/diploma/certificate but before that I had graduated from (high school-mention its name) and I passed with flying colors with a minimum grade of (the grade you obtained).


While at school I took part in (may be dram club, science congress team, music, mathematics club, debate club any field that you engaged yourself with)

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Tip 4. Focus On Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Mention about your own personal strengths and weakness but focus majorly on your strengths and mention only a few information about your weaknesses. Point out areas where you are more confident and add a little flavor to them to attract the attention of the interviewee.


My greatest strength that has enabled me stand out victorious in my current job comes in good leadership and management skills alongside being able to mobilize other workers for a team work. I am a very hardworking individual and I believe by considering me in this job opportunity I’ll endorse all my hand working spirit to the job to make sure that the job attains success on a daily basics.


However, I have this one weak point such that I am so restless and uncomfortable when faults land my work since I always believe in success and being the best in every activity that am undertaking.


Tip 5. Highlight Your Personality.


Try to pint out your personal character. Mention the more positive character traits that you portray and also say out how the character traits will aid in the job opportunity.  Do not be that much open to an extent of even pointing out your marital status.

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Tip 6. Mention How Your Current Job Relates With The Job You Are Being Interviewed For.

Tell your interviewee in a very few words about your current job, the success that you contributed towards the current job. Mention also the goals you have had set for the initial firm and how you achieved them.

Play around with words to try connecting the previous job with one in a very technical manner. You can even promise them if they employ you will set the following goals for the firm and show out how the goals are going to work out.


Conclusion and summary


  • Do not memorize for the information you are going to answer before attending the interview
  • Always pause and give the interviewee time when you see that they would like to ask you a question.


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