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ScalaHosting, ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting, ScalaHosting Review

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ScalaHosting, ScalaHosting Review

ScalaHosting is claiming to beat the hosting giants, but is it worth it? Check out as we take you through the hosting and reviews from previous users. We give you the real picture of its features, Cloud VPS hosting, services, what makes it good, and more.



Scala has an excellent speed. Their VPS servers are faster, up to 30ms. Scala is generally a good hosting provider with great speeds that will boost your site’s search engine discovery and location by Google.

Speed is also contributed by an uptime of 99.9% with no downtime. The speed supports the working of a cPanel, which still has an alternative as a Spanel.

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Here’s what you will get in ScalaHosting, as you benefit from their massive features.

  • Backups

ScalaHosting has backups to keep your site live in case of any technical issue, though it rarely happens.

As mentioned above, the Spanel is an alternative and backup to the cPanel. In addition, their single unit backup, WHCP, is the best backup that helps you manage everything ad a single e. That is, from DNS configuration to file management.

  • Security

Your website can never be compromised in the form of malware attacks. SWordPress is embedded in the system to improve the security and performance of WordPress as you manage your administrative activities online.

SPanel shield also complements your site’s security by protecting against cybersecurity-related problems. In other words, ScalaHosting is good when maintaining your privacy and security.

  • Website migration

ScalaHosting doesn’t charge you anything if you sign up and get free domains. Its web migration is free and easy, just as moving your files from one hosting provider to another.

  • Automated backups

ScalaHosting performs automated backups while keeping seven copies of your files. In addition, it allows you to perform on-demand backups and implement your backup systems.

  • Developing tools

Since many hosting providers ignore it, this feature is available on ScalaHosting. It has some features such as Python, Git, and Perl under the shared hosting.

Such tools are beneficial to developers since the site also gives access to Cron jobs. It is, therefore, doubtless to say that ScalaHosting is worth it, especially for software developers.

Cloud VPS hosting

There are two plans- managed and unmanaged. Their managed plans are excellent, as they have a WHCP and Spanel, though costly.

Their unmanaged plans are affordable but don’t have the WHCP. It’s important to know that you will have to pay an additional fee for cPanel if you use unmanaged plans.

In addition to their plans and VPS hosting, this site is good because it supports the following features that you may be looking for:

  • WordPress
  • Small business
  • Ample resources
  • Self-developed technology
  • Alternative cPanel

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Do you like gifts? ScalaHosting provides some services for free. You are eligible to get these services for free as long as you have an active account:

  • SSL certificate
  • Domain name
  • CDN integration

All these features are included in all hosting packages to make use of them. However, it would help if you considered upgrading to subscription plans for a better experience.

Another feature is white label hosting. While it may not come for free, it helps developers and web designers charge their service fees without involving ScalaHosting.


ScalaHosting Review


Let’s look at the positive side of ScalaHosting before diving into its red flags. It supports various apps, making them easy to use.

Whether you prefer using Moodle, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, or Drupal, you still have a chance and reason to choose ScalaHosting.

In addition to its features, it also supports unlimited email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth provides 20GB SSD storage and unlimited databases.

ScalaHosting has great hosting plans. A Mini plan gives you a whooping 10 GB storage, which is enough to house thousands of images on your site.

The space is also enough to have hours of videos and enormous text. It is more friendly for bloggers, small businesses, and medium-sized businesses.

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  • Limited SSD functionality

You can only access full SSD functions on a VPS plan. Sadly, ScalaHosting has expensive plans for VPS.

Since SSD drives are necessary to make your site faster, they directly impact your website’s uptime. Your site will have a low performance without full access to SSD drives, and you have no option but to upgrade to their costly subscription plans with full SSD access.

ScalaHosting performs needs work on this caveat. You have to watch out for their prices which are only lowered by integrating the databases and server OS on SSD to cut costs, particularly if you are new to SSD hosting.

  • No web builder

This feature appears on almost all web-hosting providers, but unfortunately, ScalaHosting doesn’t have it. The fact that it supports WordPress isn’t enough.

Selecting ScalaHosting puts you at risk, particularly if you aren’t tech-savvy. You are likely to spend more hiring web gurus to help you set up a website. Otherwise, you will be on your own.

  • Hiked renewal prices

Like other hosting providers, you will be lured by slashed prices during the sign-up process. However, prices are hiked during the renewal.

Most users find it difficult to pay the suddenly hiked prices and opt for web migration. This is also something to look out for when considering ScalaHosting.

  • No dedicated server

There’s no dedicated server, so you can’t have full control of the server. Your VPS and shared plans share resources from the server if the option is available.

Although it would be costly to include it, particularly in the basic plan, it is worth it for large businesses.

Plans are not fully SSD-supported. Many hosting providers are moving from the slower and old HDD drives, but Scala is still holding back from upgrading the system.

While this may impact by causing low speeds, this has never been witnessed in ScalaHosting. However, it needs to upgrade from the HDD drives to embrace modern technology.


While ScalaHosting may not be a giant in the web hosting industry, it is a good hosting provider. Its speed, features, cloud VPS hosting and more are worth grabbing. Most of its downsides are rare to cause any inconvenience while online, hence a good site, if not among your most preferred.




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