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Safaricom Jiandikishe App Guide and Login

Safaricom Jiandikishe App Guide and Login

Updated on June 12th, 2022 at 10:35 pm

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Safaricom Jiandikishe App Guide and Login

Operating in the Telecommunications industry, Safaricom PLC is a mobile network service provider in Kenya. Its main office is located in Westlands, Nairobi, but its usage can be traced within and outside Kenya. As of 2020, this service provider controlled 64.5 % of Kenya’s economy, with a whopping 35.6 million customers.


M-Pesa is one of its most successful inventions, as it has made it easy for subscribers to transfer money from wherever they are located. Apart from this M-Pesa, Safaricom has other products, such as Fuliza, M-shwari, Digifarm, and Masoko.


Intending to increase its customer base, Safaricom has a registration app known as Safaricom Jiandikishe App. This app ensures that the registration process of new users happens within the shortest time possible. It’s a digital solution, making it cost-effective and fast, seeing there is no paperwork needed. Below is a guide on accessing the Safaricom Jiandikishe app if you’re an agent or dealer. Note that you can either use your phone or one provided by Safaricom.

Safaricom Jiandikishe app download
  1. Visit the Google play store.
  2. Type ‘Safaricom jiandikishe’ on the search bar.
  3. Click install.
  4. The app will install automatically.
  5. Launch the app.

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Safaricom Jiandikishe app Log in

After launching the app, you can proceed to log in by entering your phone number and pin. This pin is the one you received during the verification of your account as a Safaricom agent.


If you’ve forgotten your pin, you can reset it, but you’ll be required to enter your ID number. If you’re not an agent or dealer, you’ll not have access to the Jiandikishe app.

If you’re registering a new Kenyan user, follow these steps after login:

  1. Click ‘Enter details’.
  2. Select adult option under Kenyan.
  3. Select ID as the document type.
  4. Scan the back of the ID, after which all the details about the new user will be captured.
  5. Enter your current location.
  6. Add a clear photo of the customer.
  7. Choose one number from the list that will pop up.
  8. Under register for M-Pesa, click yes or no, depending on whether the chosen number has been linked for M-Pesa services.
  9. Ask the new subscriber to add their signature and add yours also, then click submit.
  10. The subscriber will receive a notification to accept the new registration. They can reply with a yes or no.
  11. On clicking yes, the subscriber can insert the Safaricom line that has the number chosen and enjoy Safaricom services.



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    Dear Agent, your account has not been activated for this service. Kindly contact your ASM for assistance.

  11. Kindly you may need to contact your admin for assistance or send an email to [email protected] for further assistance

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    33097705 I D

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