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M-Pesa Agent Requirements, Sub-Agents, Application and Commission

M-Pesa Agent Requirements, Sub-Agents, Application and Commission

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M-Pesa Agent Requirements, Sub-Agents, Application and Commission

M-Pesa is a secure mobile money transfer, and microfinancing service. It is a Safaricom product that facilitates money transfers via phone and was launched in 2007.

M-Pesa Agent Requirement

As any other business or job in Kenya, there are requirements or qualifications for one to become an M-Pesa Agent. The first requirement to become an M-Pesa agent is to have an aggregated M-Pesa sim card. To get the sim card, register with an authorized Safaricom dealer. Below is a simple guideline on the requirements you ae required to meet to become an M-Pesa Agent:

  • You must have a registered limited company that has been operation for the last six months.
  • Have at least three outlets operating under a registered limited company
  • Pay the amount charged by the Safaricom M-pesa dealer to acquire the Sub agent aggregated till line
  • As an agent, maintain a minimum float of Ksh.30, 000 for the M-pesa till line
  • To provide your details such as your full names, national ID and contact information etc.
  • A certificate of good contact and its ID of the operator should be provided.
  • The details of the business including the name
  • Any other equipment or item necessary to conduct the business like desks, chairs, stationary, pens etc.
M-Pesa Sub-Agents

M-Pesa sub agents are the most common and are the once seen and visited often. To become a sub agent, you must work under a Safaricom agent. The agent provides the sub agent with a till which they will be using for MPESA transactions.

The Sub agent gets 80% of the earnings while the Agent receives 20% from the sub agent’s earnings. The sub agent also loses control over the float since the agent manages it.

Sub agent requirements and application
  • The following are the requirement to meet before being issued with the M-Pesa line by a Safaricom M-Pesa agent or dealer.
  • You must provide Safaricom with the permits for all your outlets to get an M-Pesa line.
  • You must also provide Safaricom with police clearance, banking license from a reputable financial institution and tax certificates.
  • Your national ID
  • M-pesa minimum float of Ksh. 20,000
  • Once you present all the required requirements, you will need to fill in an application form for your M-pesa agent head office.
  • You will then get an M-Pesa line that you will be using.

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M-Pesa Agent application

Once you have met all the requirements, fill in the M-pesa agent head office application form and the M-pesa store application form.

Once you have filled and submitted your forms Safaricom will review them.  You meet all the requirements you will be given a till number that you will use.

M-pesa Agent Commission
Amount (transaction band) Deposit commission in Ksh. Withdrawal commission in Ksh.
50 – 100 4 5
101 – 510 8 8
511 – 1,010 9 10
1,011 – 1,510 10 12
1,511 – 2,510 11 15
2,511 – 3,510 12 20
3,511 – 5,010 14 25
5,011 – 7,510 20 30
7,511 – 10,010 28 35
10,011 – 15,010 40 45
15,011 – 20,020 55 60
20,021 – 25,020 71 65
25,021 – 30,020 87 70
30,021 – 35,020 103 70
35,021 – 40,020 119 100
40,021 – 45,020 135 150
45,021 – 50,020 150 180
50,021 – 60,020 190 200
60,021 – 70,000 190 200



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