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Ways to Make Money Online as a Teenager

Ways to Make Money Online as a Teenager

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Ways to Make Money Online as a Teenager

You can start earning money, regardless of whether you are of legal age or not. Provided your money-making avenues are legal and appropriate for teenagers, don’t shy away from asking guidance on how to accumulate a few coins. However, ensure that your endeavours do not interfere with the need for you to obtain an education, which is as important as generating income. Ensure you have access to the following before diving into working online:

  • Adult guidance.
  • Smart device (phone or laptop).
  • Strong internet connection.
  • Timetable to help plan your time well.

If you’re thinking about doing more than attending school, below are some online ways to help you make money:

  1. Online writing

If you’re creative, then consider online writing as your online income source. It involves content such as website articles and magazine posts. As long as you’re above 13 years old, you can be sure that writing platforms like Fiverr and Flexjobs have a place for you. The best think with this job is that you can work on more than one task at the same time, provided you meet your clients’ needs.

  1. Transcription

Tasks in this category require workers to translate audio into writing. You need to be attentive to thrive as a transcriptionist. Also, you must educate yourself about the rules given by the online transcription sites you’ll be using. There is no age restriction with transcription.

  1. Tutoring

Tutoring may involve helping your classmates or other kids understand various subjects better. For instance, if you’re good at mathematics you can spare your time to offer insights on how other students can up their grades and perform as you do. The minimum age requirement is 13 years old.

  1. Taking part in surveys

You can get paid to give your opinions on subjects such as music and movies. Some online platforms offering this opportunity include Survey Club, Survey Junkie, Inbox Dollars, and Swagbucks. Again, you must not be aged less than 13 years to participate in surveys.


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As you embark on your journey towards enjoying financial independence remember that being a teenager doesn’t mean that you will not encounter a few challenges. Be ready to get back up and work even harder, as giving up isn’t a good idea.



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