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10 Legit Online Business in Kenya

10 Legit Online Business in Kenya

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10 Legit Online Business in Kenya

Internet has turned out to be a source of jobs to many people globally. You can do the jobs either part time or full time depending on your day’s schedule or your work.

With a computer, an internet connection and personal drive there is little that can stand in the way between you and making an income online. It only takes patience, persistence, failures and handwork to build a successful online career.

You have to put up with: Effort, blood, time, tears and sweat to be successful.

Some of the ways to successfully make money Online in Kenya are:


Blogs are information websites where writers share their views on the topics of their own choice: for instance health, career, fitness, photography, gardening etc.  Ways you can earn by blogging are:

  • Placing ads on your site: they are inform of (CPC) Cost Per Click or (CPM) Cost peer 1000 impressions
  • Sell products: for instance photos, music, apps, videos, online courses etc.
  • Sell membership: for instance if you own a career blog you can charge.
  • Affiliate marketing: In this case you blog about an advertiser’s product and they pay you a commission for every sale that came from you. An example of such platforms is ClickBank


This is the selling and buying of products and services via the internet. It is a fulfillment method where the store does not keep an inventory of the items it sells.

An example, a customer buys from the store and makes a payment of Ksh.1, 999.

The store owner then forwards the order details and customer address to the supplier and then pays the wholesale price of Ksh.4,999 and makes a profit of Ksh.1, 500.

The supplier then ships the item directly to the customer. Platforms such as eComProo.com and Spotify can help you get started.


Digital Marketing Services

There individuals who pay people with the skills to promote their products and services using the internet. Common digital marketing services include:

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing and Online Advertising (Google Ads and Facebook Ads).


Create an informative and entertaining YouTube channel

YouTube is the largest video hosting website in the world and second largest search engine where most people come to be informed and entertained.

One can create a YouTube channel and start earning with ads upon attaining 1000 subs within 4000hrs of view time. With every 1000 views you can make Ksh.200-400.


Write and sell books

Writing can be your hobby or something that you love doing at your leisure time.

But did you actually know that this can be a source of income via online by packaging your content into a downloadable book that helps people in various ways, be it: start a new business, advance in a career, learn a new skill etc.

There many platforms on which you can market your book, one of the major one is eBook on Amazon. Amazon self-publishing gives you access to their massive audience to sell your book and will take 30% as the fee and leave the rest for you.


Selling Websites, Domain Names and Mobile Apps

Websites and mobile apps have become critical tools in communication and eCommerce and people are starting to use them as serious sources of income.

Furthermore, there is a great online marketplace for selling and buying of websites. This process is known as flipping. This applies to domain names and mobile apps.

Some of the platforms that carry out this business are Flippa.com and EmpireFlippers.com. One can use them to sell websites, mobile apps, domain names or any other digital asset.


Sell Stock Photos

Generally, this is referred to as stock photography. It involves the supply of photos for common places, landmarks, events, people, nature etc. The five best websites you can use to sell your photos and make money online are: Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock, Ponds and Adobe Stock.


Do Graphic Design for Local and Online Business

If you have a creative mindset and motivation you can help businesses create their brands and earn cash in the processes.

It is even easier to design with tools such as Visme, Stencil, VinnGage and Adobe Illustrator as they are very easy to use.

One can sell designs on platforms such as Dribble, 99Designs.com and Behance.net.


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Freelance Writing

Basically, a freelance writer creates content for different companies or individuals at a fee. Such content includes fictional stories, general articles, product reviews, product comparisons etc.

If you have the skills, passion, interest or a way with words you can choose this as your part time or full-time job.

Often, freelance writers often concentrate on a specific niche based on their interests, expertise, knowledge and preferences.

However, there is no limit on the number of niches you can work on, you can work on multiple niches too especially if you want a wide range of clients.

To start working as a freelancer you simply have to choose a niche and looking for clients that will pay you to create content for them.

You can find these clients on job sites for instance Upwork, social media sites etc.


Social media marketing and influencing

Internet has made the modern word immensely connected making it a typical digital village. One of the major driving forces behind this connectivity is social media platforms.

This gives marketers a great opportunity to grow their businesses via these platforms at very high rate.

Social marketers create promotional, marketing and advertising content for a company on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Today, these individuals are in great demand as companies gradually increase the budgets dedicated to this marketing avenue.

Social media influencers on the other hand use their massive presence on social media to help companies and individuals market their products in exchange for a fee.

They understand numerous aspects, such as demographics, content type and audience preferences.


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