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Network Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

Network Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

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Network Marketing Guide in Kenya with Examples

Network marketing is a business system that rewards both the seller and the distributor. In network marketing, a company hires independent contractors to sell products or services provided by the company.

The company usually does not directly sell to consumers but uses multilevel marketing to sell products through distributors.

This method allows consumers to avoid expensive retail prices by buying products directly from the company, which incurs much lower overhead costs.

The independent contractor generally receives a commission for each sale, thus creating passive residual income. With some companies, residual income accumulates within a bonus program over time.

To achieve success in network marketing, you should be ready to invest time or money on training and learning about the different aspects of running a business.


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Tips on going about network marketing in Kenya

If you’re hoping to dive into network marketing as a marketer, it’s essential that you understand how to use this business model to your advantage. Below are some tips on achieving your goals with network marketing:

  • Be wise about choosing the products to market

To convince other people to do something, you must have an understanding of what this ask entails. Failure to do this may mean dealing with products that you know nothing about or that your network is unlikely to buy.

For instance, if you have friends with interest in food supplements or beverages, you can consider marketing for AIM Global, a network marketing company that deals in distribution of these products.

  • Consider a company’s features before marketing their products

Companies that allow for network marketing operate differently. Some are the manufacturers of the products, while others are distributors, like AIM Global. Some companies that manufacture their products include Amway, GNLD Kenya, Mary Kay Kenya, and Forever Young Living.

Dealing with a manufacturer directly, increases the chances of remediating quality issues unlike with a distributor. Learning of such will make you make a well-informed decision so avoid brushing of the need to understand the company you’re collaborating with.

  • Understand the rationale behind earning money with various companies

In the long-run, you want to devote your time and effort to a venture that will result in financial stability. Please don’t make the mistake of agreeing to be a marketer without understanding what you stand to gain.

During your research you’ll find that companies such as Jeunesse Global and Mary Kay Kenya have ranks, and the higher the rank the higher your commission.

With the likes of AIM Global, Forever Young Living, and Amway you earn money for new recruits, meaning you don’t have to wait for people to buy products directly from you.

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