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7 Online Jobs that Pay through M-Pesa

7 Online Jobs that Pay through M-Pesa

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7 Online Jobs that Pay through M-Pesa

Offered by Safaricom, M-Pesa is the most common money transfer platform in Kenya. When taking up an online job, it would be best to choose one that has M-Pesa as one of its payment’s methods.


This way, you will easily transfer the cash to your bank account or withdraw it directly. Even though payment method shouldn’t be the main factor to consider when deciding the best online job, it is important because money is the reason why you’re looking for online tasks.


Below are some online jobs that pay through M-Pesa:

  1. Affiliate marketing

Companies’ growth is dependent on the number of customers they can attract and maintain compared to their competitors. Owing to this, company executives are always setting strategies on how to achieve a wide customer base.


Affiliate marketing is one strategy that has been adopted by many firms. It involves interested individuals promoting products to increase company sales. Compensation for this task is a commission that is dependent on the amount of business that a marketer has brought to the specific company they’re working with.


Therefore, you can opt to be an affiliate marketer for companies like Jumia and Kilimall, where you’ll receive your earnings via M-Pesa. Remember that affiliate marketing requires a lot of effort so you must be ready to work tirelessly to earn a living.


  1. Article writing

Online writing way is how most online workers earn money. With article writing, specifically, you’ll be required to create content on various topics, some of which you may not be knowledgeable about.


Therefore, you’ll have to research extensively if you want to be a successful online writer. Also, you must be willing to learn as you grow, to avoid making the same mistakes when preparing your content.


Upwork is one of the many sites that has employers looking for potential hires in various niches, such as writing. Also, the site has a provision for workers to withdraw their cash via M-Pesa.


  1. Online selling

Another way to receive payment through M-Pesa is to sell products online and request your customers to send cash via this platform. For instance, you can start an online clothing business and advertise through Instagram.


As part of the description or bio details you can include your M-Pesa number, or M-Pesa PayBill number and name. Seeing that you’ll have to deliver the products to your clients, decide whether payment should be done on delivery or whether half of the amount due should be transferred before delivery.


  1. Sports betting

Betting has become a way for many people, young and old, to earn money, but it can be addictive and result in substantial losses.


However, if you’re good at making correct guesses, regarding the teams that are likely to win, you can take sports betting as an online job. Provided you are disciplined enough to know when to stop, everything should be okay.


Some betting sites to consider include SportPesa, OdiBets, Betika, BetLion, and SportyBet. You’ll pay your bet through M-Pesa and receive your earnings through the same platform.


  1. Web designing

With most tasks being done online, the demand for web developers is increasing daily. If you are skilled in programming and all that relates to web design, you should consider applying for jobs on online sites that offer related opportunities.


Upwork, mentioned earlier, is one platform where you can get a few jobs that are in line with your skill level and receive payment through M-Pesa.


  1. Transcription

Transcription jobs involve listening to audio files and converting them to readable text. Most sites that avail transcription jobs are very strict, regarding who can be accepted as a transcriptionist.


To secure your spot with any of the available sites, you must research as much as possible to determine the best way to meet their needs. Also, you must read through the guidelines that have been posted on these websites to have an idea of how to work satisfactorily.


Gotranscript, Verbit, Transcribeme, Scribie, and Rev.com are some transcription sites that you can visit. Most of them pay through Paypal and you’ll have to transfer the money from this platform to M-Pesa.


  1. Writing E-books

With the technological improvements in today’s world, people prefer to obtain knowledge through the internet instead of visiting libraries and buying books.


Therefore, there is a likelihood of earning handsomely if you choose to create E-books on niches that you’re passionate about or those that you anticipate that people will enjoy. You can set the payment mode, for anyone who wishes to read your books, to be M-Pesa.

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