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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Their Benefits

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Their Benefits

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Their Benefits

AWS was launched in 2006 from the internal infrastructure that Amazon.com built to handle its online retail operations. It offers very many different tools and solutions for enterprises and software developers that can be used in data centers in up to 190 countries. Groups such as government agencies, education institutions, nonprofits and private organizations are all legit to AWS services.

Amazon web services is a great comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform that includes infrastructure, platform, and packaged software as service offerings. Its services can offer an organization tools such as compute power, database storage and content delivery services.


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How Amazon Web Services Works

AWS is separated into different services; each can be configured in different ways based on the user’s needs. Users should be able to see configuration options and individual server maps for an AWS services.

Benefits of AWS Services
  • Free two-day shipping: You don’t have to wait for more than one week for a package to arrive, Amazon offers two-day shipping to its customers after purchase.
  • Streaming videos: When everyone in your home is off and you are alone, you will actually need a great pass time. Amazon is the place to find your good time with thousands of streaming television shows and movies.
  • Amazon Prime Music: If you are looking for some holiday melodies or your best music tunes, streaming music might be the way to go for you. Amazon prime music will provide you with a good variety of tunes.
  • Unlimited photo storage: For the photo Lovers, this feature could be quite valuable. This is by taking advantage of Amazon’s cloud storage to store them.
  • Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and Kindle First: If you are looking to relax up by the fire with a good read or two, Amazon gives you fast and free access to books. It has over 500,000 books, including many best sellers.
  • Best Pantry: Amazon also offers grocery delivery and other household


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