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Sploshearn guide. How to earn from Sploshearn

Sploshearn guide. How to earn from Sploshearn

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Sploshearn guide. How to earn from Sploshearn

Sploshearn is a platform that has been existent for a while that engages one to earn cash with successful get-paid-to programs. All the activities provided by Sploshearn are tasks that pay in real life and hence they are payable and doable. The platform acts as an intermediary to ensure you earn and get reliable earning just by doing some simple steps.

How to Register for Sploshearn

  • Log on to https://sploshearn.com/register on your Browser
  • Click on Register for Earnwave
  • Fill in all the details required
  • Click on Register now button, you will immediately get logged into Earnwave
  • Having done that, you are now part of Earnwave community

How to deposit to Sploshearn platform

  • Log in to the Sploshearn
  • On the Sploshearn dashboard click the deposit Icon which will open the Balance Deposit Section.
  • Fill in all the required fields correctly and click on the Deposit Now
  • You are going to receive a message stating you have successfully deposited your


Sploshearn affiliate program

Sploshearn affiliate program is so well paying, it would be a big loss not to use it. With it’s affiliate program you can build a long term stable &passive income on the net. It entails:

  1. Payback Program: Everyone who joins this program will get paid every day (7 days a week). It’s free to use and earn money with Trusted Paid
  2. Promotion Programs: With this program, you receive your own free rotators. You can build a down line and earn money from their

How to Earn from Sploshearn

Sploshearn is taking the market by storm to ensure you get to earn after investing a small amount of money from various tasks. Some of the ways to earn from Sploshearn are such as:

  • Google Ads

As a member of Sploshearn one is able to view google ads which reflect on your dashboard after successful viewing. The ads are available daily and the more you watch the higher the pay.

  • YouTube videos

On enrolment you will get to watch YouTube videos and earn some money depending on the kind of package you have. The higher the package the more videos you get to watch and in turn you get to earn more.

  • Daily rewards

Bonuses available on Sploshearn means is that one is entitled to daily rewards from bonuses in form of cash. These bonuses are meant to motivate every member of Sploshearn to progress and continue earning in Sploshearn.

  • Investment plans

Users have access to high level investment plans in Sploshearn. Members get to earn daily profits of up to 150% of the invested amount. One is able to withdraw the profit amount at the end of the investment period.

  • Bitcoin mining

Users have access to bitcoin mining as members of Sploshearn where they can invest cash and generate income from bitcoin. This is untapped market that is openly being handed over on a silver platter by Sploshearn.

  • Forex broker app


All members of Sploshearn are eligible to best available forex broker app to increase their source of incomes through that platform. A big opportunity for any member choosing to enroll and become a member of Sploshearn.

  • Unlimited spins

Unlimited spins mean once in a while as a member gets to engage in spins and try their luck they definitely increase their earnings. These helps to motivate you in your journey as a member of Sploshearn.



  • YouTube channel marketing

If you have a You Tube channel and a member of Sploshearn great community, then you can share your videos links and they can get to be featured as one of the daily videos to ensure you are growing in all levels.

  • Daily tasks

Sploshearn ensures you get tasks on daily basis to ensure you get to earn on daily basis with which ever task you choose do to.

Other tasks may include: transcribing, tagging images and moderating content ensuring you get paid after successfully finishing the task.

How to withdraw cash from Sploshearn

Any member can withdraw their balance at any time. Withdrawals are processed as soon as you withdraw. Upon reaching the eligible withdrawal threshold which is Ksh 900 you can request for withdrawal.

  • Log in to the Sploshearn
  • On the Sploshearn dashboard click the Withdraw icon which will open the Balance Withdrawal Section.
  • Fill in all the required fields correctly and click on the Withdraw Now
  • You will receive your money immediately in your MPESA



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