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List of Colleges in Nakuru and Courses offered

List of Colleges in Nakuru and Courses offered

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List of Colleges in Nakuru and Courses offered

Seeing that there are many colleges in Nakuru, the best decision would be to obtain information on what differentiates one from the other.

Otherwise, you may pay a lot of money only to join an institution that doesn’t have the capacity to equip you with the necessary skills. Below are some colleges in Nakuru that you’ll come across during your research:

  1. Mwangaza College.

In 1973, a community centre was established by Bishop Ndingi Mwana Nzeki, to allow residents of slums in Nakuru to obtain tailoring skills. In 1993, this centre would become a college, going by the name Mwangaza.

To date, 18,000 students have graduated from this College and the number is expected to rise in the future. Some courses offered at Mwangaza College include, diploma in fashion and design, certificate in tailoring and dress making, diploma in business management, diploma in food and beverage production, and certificate in early childhood education.

  1. Nakuru College of Health Sciences and Management

This institution offers certificate, and diploma courses to new students and existing ones who wish to take up other programs.

Examples of these programs include, certificate in human resource management, certificate in business management, certificate in IT, diploma in community development, diploma in IT, diploma in nutrition and dietetics, and diploma in social work.


  1. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology

Established in 1979 and located along Nakuru-Njoro Road, RVIST is a college that has been given the mandate to operate as a learning institution by TVETA.

It offers more than 42 part time and full-time courses, so you have a wide variety to choose from. Some of these courses are diploma in medical laboratory technology, diploma in building technology, diploma in mechanical engineering, certificate in plumbing, diploma in food and beverage management, and diploma in water technology.


  1. Tracom College of Professional Studies

Tracom College is guided by values like national unity, national development, social equity, respect and culture, and individual development and self-fulfilment.

It offers courses, such as, certificate in tour guiding operations, diploma in housekeeping management, certificate in baking technology, diploma in tourism management, and diploma in secretarial studies.


  1. Kenya Medical Training College

KMTC is a well-known institution that offers health courses to interested applicants. It has branches in all counties in Kenya, including Nakuru.

In Nakuru, the campus is located in Milimani Estate, sharing land with Nakuru County Teaching and Referral Hospital. Courses offered at KMTC include, diploma in nursing, diploma in pharmacy, diploma in physiotherapy, diploma in environmental health sciences, and diploma in nutrition and dietetics.


  1. Lanet Teachers’ Training College

As the name implies, this learning institution is aimed at passing knowledge to teachers so that they can deliver exceptionally throughout their careers. Lanet Teachers’ Training College was established in 2010 and has maintained a good reputation since then.

Courses offered at the institution are diploma in teacher education, P1 teacher certification, certificate in early childhood development, and diploma in early childhood development.


  1. Menengai Medical Training College

Since 2003 Menengai Medical Training College, has seen the graduation of over 2,000 medical students. It has been approved to operate by the Ministry of Health, Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

Institution offers a wide range of programs, such as diploma in health and nutrition, diploma in dental technology, diploma in clinical medicine, diploma in occupational therapy, diploma in nursing, certificate in community health, certificate in environmental health, certificate in pharmacy, and diploma in animal health and production.


  1. Milele College

This is a religious-led institution that is run by the PCEA church.

Courses offered at Milele College include diploma in food and beverage production, craft in business management, artisan in food and beverage production, diploma in business management, and diploma in supply chain management, certificate in human resource management, and social work and community development.


  1. Sensei Institute of Technology

Sensei Institute of Technology is a technical institution that offers courses related to various fields like driving, plant operations, catering, electrical and electronics, mechanics, and building and construction.

This institution aims at making learning as practical as possible, so that learners can become productive in the job market.

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  1. Nairobi Aviation College (Nakuru Campus)

This institution has been in existence for more than 20 years, offering courses related to business, IT, economics, and aeronautical engineering. In Kenya, Nairobi Aviation College is one of the approved aviation training centres.

Some courses offered at the Nakuru campus include diploma in banking, diploma in aeronautical engineering, diploma in air hostess and cabin crew, and advanced diploma in international cargo rating.

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