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Amazon Kenya online shopping Guide, Offers and Products

Amazon Kenya online shopping Guide, Offers and Products

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Amazon Kenya online shopping Guide, Offers and Products

Amazon Kenya is a great place to shop for items online. This online store has been operating in Kenya since 2010 and is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the country.

When it comes to Amazon Kenya, there are a few things to keep in mind. The site offers a wide range of products, including books, electronics, and toys.

Below is a detailed guide on how to do shopping on Amazon while in Kenya:

Step one: Shopping

Amazon has a massive inventory categorized into dozens of departments, which are meant to make it easier for you to find what you want to buy.

You can shop using two ways either browsing or searching.

  1. Browsing

With browsing you will check out the full store directory. Here you will find every department as well as each department’s sub department.

Actually, if you do not have a particular item in mind and just want to window shop, browsing is the best way to do it.

Amazon has 11 major departments and close to 100 sub departments. While browsing, you can use the left sidebar to filter inventory results to match only what interests you.

For instance, when browsing for TVs, you can filter by display technology, screen size, price range, model year, brand etc. These filters can really save a lot of time.

  1. Searching

When you know exactly what you want to buy, or the general kind of item you want to buy, then use the search bar at the top.

Simply type what you are interested in and Amazon will do the rest for you.

It is recommended to switch to all departments whenever you want to use search.

This is because some items get miscategorised from time to time and you do not want to miss out to them just because you were limited to a certain department.

Step two: Understanding product pages

Amazon product pages can be pretty overwhelming, packed with so much information that can be hard to digest sometime times. Here are the most important elements to pay attention to:

  • Product photos: pay attention to the photos to make sure you are buying what you want to buy.
  • Product name, price and quality: The price is what matters most, and you should not be deceived into thinking that an item is on sale when it has only a list price. This is just the recommended retail price set by manufacturers. When a product is on sale, you will see a third price labelled Sale price.
  • Product description: This is the quickest way to get a sense of an item and whether it fits your needs. Make sure to be keen to whether the item is in stock (green) or out of stock (red).
  • Purchasing options: once you decide to buy an item, you will just have to select the products relevant to you and then click add to cart.

Step three: Reading product reviews

It is advisable to never buy an Amazon product without looking at its reviews. Sort reviews by most recent instead of the top rated since sometimes product  change for instance lotions and soaps which can have new formulas often hence older top-rated reviews can be outdated.

Step four: Orders and Payments

Go to your Amazon wallet page to see all of your stored credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and gift card balance.

Note that storing a payment method in Amazon makes future checkouts much faster and is also mandatory if you want to use the Amazon’s 1 click ordering feature.

To add a credit or debit card, scroll down and expand the Add a card section. Enter your card details, then click add your card button.

To add a checking account, scroll down and expand the Add a personal checking account section. Enter your bank details and then click add this checking account button.

Next, go to your address page and see all of your stored shipping addresses. Click add address to add one.

Fill out the address details as you would, then click the add address button to finish.

In case you don’t want Amazon packages shipped directly to your residence you can have them delivered to your nearest Amazon locker and pick it up yourself.

Use the Amazon pickup location search tool to find one near you.

Amazon offers

Amazon offers help you save a great deal of money by taking advantage of them. Some of these offers include:

  • Deal of the day: Every day a handful of items go sale. These sales only last for 24 hours and save you anywhere from 20 to 90 percent off their normal prices. However, each day’s selection is limited.
  • Lighting deals: this is a limited time, limited-quantity sale that ends when the time runs out or when all the available stock are claimed.
  • Savings and sales: this a list of all sales deals including (buy this item save $X) deals.
  • Coupons: To take advantage of this offer you just click Clip Coupon on the item to apply the discount. They tend to be for smaller household and pantry items.

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Amazon Kenya products

This is a list of products and services offered by American corporation Amazon.


  • Retail goods
  • Amazon Prime
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Digital content
  • Amazon video
  • Delivery
  • Amazon Business
  • Amazon drive
  • Private labels and exclusive marketing arrangements
  • Amazon web services
  • Amazon publishing
  • Amazon smile
  • Amazon local
  • Retail stores
  • Amazon Home Services
  • Amazon Cash/ Top up

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