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Technology Definition and Classification

Technology Definition and Classification

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Technology Definition and Classification

Definition of Technology

Technology has been defined in various ways. According to research, it is in the work of pre-Socratic Greek philosophers that we first glimpse the principle of (divine) ordering in the word “Logos,” which implicates the principle of creation that was conveyed in the meaning of “Techne.” However, since the last century and a half, we use the term ‘technology’ to explain different concepts. Although in the beginning, it was challenging to define the technology, people did know about it and the difference between natural things and the ones that are man-made.

Definition of “Technology”

The awareness of technology enables people to differentiate between what is natural and what is human-made. It is defined as anything created, not naturally occurring that improves a process, outcome, or understanding. Technology is defined as the knowledge, skills, and strategies via which human beings change, transform and use our environment to develop tools, products, and machines to meet our needs. The etymological meaning of the Greek word ‘technology’ is teckne (technical) and logos (knowledge). It all began in the stone age when our ancestors discovered the stones and made knives out of them. Similarly, just like humans changed their surroundings modifying the stones and hunted the animals more quickly, all the objects around us are the result of different technological innovations. These tools have made our lives easier. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are the latest technology.

Classification of technology

The technology is classified into two groups: (i) Hard technologies and (ii) Soft technologies. Hard technology refers to the tangible and concrete goods and Soft technology is defined as intangible products. The manufacturing, developing, and selling business strategies are examples of soft technologies. They are associated with economy, management, and administration. Whereas, hard technologies refer to the field of physics and chemistry. These classifications are done on identifying existing technologies.

  • Flexible technology refers to the technologies that can be used in many application areas. The microchip is used in several products, such as TVs, telephones, servers, equipment, and several healthcare and spatial applications.
  • Fixed technology comprised the technology that can be used for a product and specific area. For instance, fungicides are products that are used for the removal of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and molds.

Technology has changed the concept of war and the battlefield allowing us to create machines and increasingly lethal weapons such as bombs. Only between World War I and II died more than three people than all the wars that occurred during the previous 2.000 years. Therefore, humans are developing technologies cleaner and more respectful of our environment and ourselves. But all is not bad but on the contrary, thanks to technology our hope and quality of life has greatly increased thanks to the technical and scientific advances we can detect and cure diseases that previously were fatal, have created a society where any person has access to knowledge through the internet, thanks to technology we generate, store and distribute any type of food, clothing, and products that improve our level and quality of life, technology has created machines that perform arduous, dangerous work and requires a great effort for man, thanks to technology we can communicate with anyone in the world, have conquered the moon and soon space.



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