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Amazing Facts about Bachelor of Information Technology

Amazing Facts about Bachelor of Information Technology

Updated on April 29th, 2022 at 9:44 pm

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Amazing Facts about Bachelor of Information Technology


Bachelor of Information Technology  is the most sought-after degree in Kenya. The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has accredited the Bachelor of Information Technology degree.

There was a time when people felt the internet was another world but now technology has become like oxygen, ubiquitous, necessary, and invisible. If Information technology is used right, it could give us power and privacy.

Many of us have made a well-known false assumption regarding the scope of the IT industry is the guy or a tech master who can help you to sort out your mobile or computer issues. Well, the whole IT industry doesn’t revolve around that concept, it incredibly explains the facts and solution, and ideas that are hard to close in a nutshell.

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology is the use of smart gadgets to store, process, and exchange useful information via a secure and safe channel. It is like the reproductivity of higher-order thinking through computer codes.

It includes analysis, hypothesis, design, implementation, support, and everything that deals with the management of computer-based information systems.

Information technology Aspects

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Information Technology majorly covers several aspects that have explained below:


The new mode of information technology – the internet and email have practically eliminated the cost of physical communication. IT industry governs society by making the exchange of information and fruitful ideas more efficiently and effectively.

Techniques for fast processing and communication of information revolving around the e-mail, telephone, internet, multimedia, audio calls, and video-based communication.


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Hardware in Bachelor of information technology

Hardware is any part, essential element, or component related to computers that can be used physically to manipulate operations. It can be connected to outside of the computer like a keyboard or inside of the machine such as a motherboard.

Software Bachelor of information technology

Unlike hardware, the software isn’t something you can physically touch or see how it looks like. Software is a process to turn thoughts, imagination, and ideas into actions that encompass all the real-time data-driven requirements. IT professionals handle the deployment and settings of software applications.


Network infrastructure is built on internet connectivity within an organization, internal networking of the computer, and all other devices like printers. A Network Administrator ensures the security of the network from external or internal threats. Bill gates say:

The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow!


Computer Support Specialist in Information technology is responsible to question the queries of users about hardware and software. Moreover, it includes setting up environment, training computer users, knowing about the database interface, development, and deployment tools.


The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said in one of the conferences:

You don’t start communities. Communities already exist. The question to ask is how you can help them to do better.

The use of mathematical models to process big data for decision-making which further give birth to artificial intelligence. Applications in information technology feel the need and day-by-day requirements of society to automate the process.

Ordering food online, outfits, and paying bills is one of the best examples.


The ever-growing technology protects and secures the data such as shipping records of an e-commerce store and payment methods. Data administrators design the flow of data for heavy industries like insurance or banks.

A comprehensive understanding of enterprise resource planning tools makes you a demanding database administrator in the market.


The server is a resource to manage or store data so that it can be accessible to other computers. Computer programmers use web calls to share content.

Final Words

Every company, a software house or a manufacturing company, ranging from larger to a smaller size, needs information technology workers in the above-described departments for smooth business workflow.


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