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Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

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Ways to Make Money Online in South Africa

There are many ways to make money online in south Africa. We are going to address some and most reliable ways one can use to make extra cash in south Africa, where you can either work full time or part time, its all depends on how much you would like to make online and the way you would like to go about it.

In order to excel in online hustle, one needs to work harder and be optimistic in order to leap more. Here are some ways you can use to make money in south Africa:

Real Estate crowdfunding

It’s a mechanism of raising funds where you are given a list of properties development opportunities and choose which property to invest on. Then you invest depending on the amount you budget to invest.

it’s very important to make your calculations concerning the deal you are risking on and see if the project is yielding profit or losses.


Starting a YouTube channel

Whenever you think that you can have a good enough content to be watched it’s important to create a YouTube account and make money from it.in order to start you need just a smart phone, don’t overate it to having big lights and cameras you can just start simple.

For one to start earning your video should be watched for 4000 hours in one year and having more than 1000 subscribers in one year, where your income depends on the number of viewers you get for example for every 1000 you can earn above $1.50. but this needs patience, consistence and great content. This can make you a millionaire over some time if your content is good and likeable.

Online surveys

Many research companies in south Africa are always finding new recruits who can participate in the in their surveys and testing their new products in the market. In online surveys you are required to filling forms and participate in answering some simple questions and after you get paid in cash or through rewards.

In south Africa you can make around R8000 per survey. There are over 20 online survey companies in south Africa, some of the websites are; joinhiving, Toluna, Panel opinion, I-say, Prolific

Starting an online blog

Incases where you have an idea or message that you want to channel to the community concerning what you love or like you can do it through a blog. Through this you will not only pass the information but also you will make some cash.

You can do blogging in two ways either through free platforms or self-hosted platforms. Free platforms may pose some restrictions but self-hosted allows you to what you like and allows you to plan on how to monetize your blog. Examples of free platforms: Tumblr, blogger and wordpress.com, while for self-hosted platforms you can use; wordpress.org

Ways to start your blog in south Africa:

Choose a blogging platform.

  • Find a domain name, then your blog name should be in hand with your blog ideas.
  • Get a web hosting for your domain, you can host through: Afrihost, HostGator, GoDaddy and others.
  • Then after that you can find advertisers who can be able to advertise on your blog.


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Making advertisements on the social media

This is where you use your followers to make money, what you need to do concerning this you need to know why people follow you and after that you can create a brand that relates to the reason why they are following you.

Then you can approach the startups and make advertisements for them, then you need to show your clients how you are followed by their potential markets.

Buying and selling domain names

You can do this from home or elsewhere, this needs one to learn how it is carried on before you start. Also, you need to do a research first so that your efforts can yield fruits. Domain names costs start from R30, so you need to start it at any time.

In making of money online its needs commitment and working hard in order to achieve the set objectives. You can either use one or several webs to earn money.

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