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Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

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Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

According to the current situation, statistics shows that the most well-paying jobs in the world are online jobs. These jobs need fewer qualifications, having in mind that you only need to be computer-literate and access to internet. However, In Nigeria, there are several ways that one can use to acquire money online. We shall discuss some of the most sure and effective ways that one can use to make money online.

  1. Online surveys

This is by filling the online surveys for the research companies that keep on recruiting new members to answer questions and in testing of new products that are being released in the market. In participating in these surveys, one can be able to acquire money within a less time

Also, you can take part in the testing of the websites and applications, the internet companies are always looking for the people like you to test the new or existing websites and applications so that the web owners, coders and the designers can be able to find and evaluate the challenges real people experience with their products. Here, one can be paid for each app or website tested (you can check “user testing”)

  1. Property website listing

In the place where your residence you may have seen any property for rent or a building for sale, then you can often earn money when you post available properties in the property websites like to let, Jumia house and private property.

  1. Starting a blogging website

Your content, may be very important and interesting to many people who may like your way of delivering it. Through posting your contents on the social media websites may be highly paying because the more people like your stories than the more you get money. Also, there is a vlog in which you can post videos on your YouTube and people watch them and the more you have many people liking and watching your videos the more you earn.

  1. Selling of designs and creatives works

If you have a design experience in any area, you can be able to make some cash from it, for example through the print Ivo online store. It’s a market which allows anyone to upload and sell their designs to customers and when they access and make use of your design you get paid 15% of the value of the design.


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  1. Being an online real estate agent

This is a super easy way to make money in Nigeria since no special skills that is required or any capital to start this business. What you need is only reliable internet network and a smartphone.

Steps to follow in order to become a real estate entrepreneur in Nigeria:

  • First you need to set up a strategic partnership with the traditional real estate agents in your community
  • Approach and let them know you can help them sell and rent their properties faster for a small commission, after you agree with them, visit the properties and take pictures then upload them to real estate webs and markets.
  • State location, apartment type and the fees.


  1. Selling of used vehicles

Mostly I know that you have come across some vehicles having stickers in Nigeria written for sale, you can speak with the owners of these vehicles and ask them the willing amount they want to sell their cars. After which, you need to make them know that you are a selling agent. Then after agreeing, you can take clear pics of the car and post them to a marketplace like jiji.ng and Olist.com, then wait for the coming calls. You need to have negotiation and persuasion skills in order to survive in this business.



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