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DSTV Payment Methods, PayBill Number, Contacts and Packages in Kenya

DSTV Payment Methods, PayBill Number, Contacts and Packages in Kenya

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DSTV Payment Methods, PayBill Number, Contacts and Packages in Kenya

Do you rely on M-pesa only to pay for your DSTV? Would you like to learn other methods in which you can pay for your DSTV?? Then you are at the right place, see other methods which you can use to pay for your DSTV in Kenya.

  1. Trough Equity Bank Internet banking
  2. Through Equity Bank App
  3. Through KCB Bank
  4. Through CBA Bank app
  5. Through ABSA Bank app
  6. Through Diamond Trust Kenya app
  7. Through I&M Banking payment
  8. Through Rafiki Kenya Online services
  9. Through NIC Bank Online banking payments
  10. Through DSTV Kenya Direct Debit
DSTV Packages in Kenya

DSTV is the commonly used set lite package in Kenya that is well recognized for offering the best and affordable tv packages. The following are the packages that are available at DSTV Kenya.

  • Premium package – This is the most expensive package of all the packages but however It comes with the highest no. of  radio and tv channels, around 158+ channels and costs Ksh 7800  per month.


  • Compact plus package- compact plus package is the second expensive package that costs a monthly subscription of Ksh 4700  airing about 150+ channels. Compact plus subscribers will have higher tv entertainment programs as compared to compact package subscribers.


  • Compact package- despite the fact that the package has only 140+ packages, it is much cheaper as compared to premium and compact plus since it costs a monthly subscription of Ksh 2,600  per month or Ksh 28,600  for 11 months. It’s quite enriched with other entertainment channels such as sports and movies.


  • Family package- As suggests Family, the family package entails largely family content although it also comes along with other entertaining channels. The package houses around 120 channels and costs Ksh 1,350 monthly or Ksh 14,850 for 11 months.


  • Access package- Access package goes for Ksh 990 per monthly or  Ksh 10, 890  per 11 months offering only 110+ channels.
  • Great wall- This is the cheapest package that goes for Ksh 630 per month and its purposely designed to air Chinese content only. It does offer any entertainment channel, any sports channel although it offers CNC world, CCTV four among other channels.
Other DTSV Packages

DSTV has also other packages though the packages are limited and concentrated to particular states and nations (similar case to Great wall package). They include: Portuguese package, Indian package, French package and the French touch package. These channels come along wide range of channels in the specified regions. Additionally, they entail too entertainment channels alongside documentaries and other enjoyable and educative channels.


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PayBill Number

DSTV pay bill number in Kenya Is 444 900 and to pay for your DSTV using that pay bill number, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the sim tool kit and select Lipa na M-Pesa
  • Choose pay bill option
  • Enter pay bill number 444 900. This is the official DSTV pay bill number in Kenya
  • Enter the your DSTV Account number and make sure that you do not confuse it with your DSTV card number
  • Enter the specific amount that you would like to pay
  • Enter your M-pesa pin and click send
  • Confirm if the details above are ok

Your will receive an M-pesa confirmation message to complete the above transaction


DSTV Self-Service

There is a short code which one can rely on when they would like to self-service themselves, like for example when they want to check their DSTV balance alongside other shorter services. Simply dial the short USSD code, 3788 and that to call on that pay bill number you must recharge your airtime since one has to pay for the call.

Alternatively, you can log in to DSTV website using your log in details through DSTV’S official website  www.dstvafrica.com


DSTV Contacts

You can always reach DSTV Kenya via the following contacts

Website:                          www.dstvafrica.com

WhatsApp number:        +254755896248

Phone number:                 +254711066000

Facebook:                          https://www.facebook.com/DStvKenya

Twitter:                                https://twitter.com/DStv_Kenya

YouTube:                             https://www.youtube.com/user/MultichoiceAfrica

Email Address:                     [email protected]

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