Heritage Insurance Medical Cover Plans, Products, and Contacts

Heritage Insurance Medical Cover Plans, Products, and Contacts

Heritage Insurance Medical Cover Plans, Products, and Contacts

Heritage Insurance Company is part of Liberty Kenya Holdings PLC. This company operates in the financial sector by offering insurance products to people interested in minimizing the risks resulting from unexpected occurrences. If you’re yet to decide which insurance provider to choose, note that Heritage Insurance Company is well experienced, with over 50 years in providing insurance-related products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about partnering with an unknowledgeable company.

Heritage Insurance Medical Cover Plans and Products

Below are some Medical covers available at Heritage insurance:

Heritage Flexi

This product is unique because it gives the customer the freedom to design the terms of their purchase, depending on their specific needs. As such, two people may buy the Heritage Flexi insurance product but benefit differently, based on their need specification.

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This option is designed for employers not only in Kenya but across the continent. The good thing is that there are provisions for all employers, regardless of their income levels. Heritage insurance understands that all individuals and companies have different financial capabilities.

Blue Core

The Blue Core option is only available to families located in Kenya and covers inpatient services only. Ideally, it’s best suited for healthy people who don’t need regular health services but need assurance that future medical expenses will not result in financial challenges.

Blue Classic

This insurance product is ideal for people who travel to East African countries often. By choosing the Blue Classic option, you can be sure that your outpatient needs will be covered.

Blue Plus

The Blue Plus insurance product offers cover for members within Africa. It also covers international evacuations but is most suitable for those who travel to African countries.

Blue Elite

If you travel frequently, this is a good insurance option because it covers international evacuations. You can be sure that your health-related needs will be catered for regardless of whether you’re in Kenya or away for whatever reasons.

Heritage Insurance Contacts

 Phone number: 0202783000, 0711039000, 0734101000

 Twitter: @Heritage_KE

 Facebook: @HeritageKe

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