Resolution Insurance Kenya Medical Cover Plans, Rates, and Contacts

Resolution Insurance Kenya Medical Cover Plans, Rates, and Contacts

Resolution Insurance Kenya Medical Cover Plans, Rates, and Contacts

Resolution insurance was incorporated back in 2002 as a provider of medical insurance products. During this period, it was referred to as Resolution Health, as the name changed in 2013. In addition to medical covers, Resolution Insurance Kenya offers products related to property and motor vehicles. If you are unsure of whether insurance plans provided by Resolution Insurance will satisfy your needs, below is an in-depth review of various products to choose from:

Resolution Insurance Medical Cover Plans and rates

The features of the plans available at Resolution Insurance depend on whether you’ll purchase individual or corporate insurance, as explained below.

Value plan

The value plan is available for those interested in taking inpatient individual or corporate covers. As an individual, you’ll enjoy the following benefits after selecting this option:

  • Dental-related issues cover
  • Maternity cover
  • Yearly check-up if you’re an adult
  • Provision of ambulance services
  • International Emergency cover

This plan’s limits include:

  • Ksh 10,000,000,
  • Ksh 5,000,000,
  • Ksh 2,500,000,
  • Ksh 2,000,000(Ksh 1,000,000 Illness, Ksh 1,000,000 Accident),
  • Ksh 1,500,000 (Ksh 500,000 Illness, Ksh 1,000,000 Accident)

As a company executive, you can acquire a value plan for your employees to get excellent inpatient and outpatient services. Please note that the limits for this category are different from those of the individual and family packages. Your employees will enjoy the below benefits:

  • Maternity cover
  • Dental cover
  • Life membership
  • Cover for chronic conditions
  • A newborn baby is covered if the child was born prematurely or developed conditions before being discharged from the health institution.

The limits include:

  • Premier Plus Plan Ksh 10M Annual Limit,
  • Premier Plan Ksh 5M Annual Limit,
  • Executive Plan Ksh 2.5M Annual Limit,
  • Superior Plan Ksh 2M (Ksh 1M Illness and 1M Accident),
  • Advantage Plan Ksh 1.5M (Annual Limit (Ksh 0.5M Illness,1M Accident)

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Harmony plan

This plan falls under the individual and family categories. Buying this insurance plan means planning on ensuring your family members can access good health care when they need it. Some benefits from choosing this plan include:

  • A 24-hour emergency team
  • Covers chronic illnesses
  • Ambulance services
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Home Care Services
  • Funeral-related costs for Principal Member

The limits in the harmony plan include,

  • Ksh 500,000,
  • Ksh 1,000,000,
  • Ksh 2,000,000,
  • Ksh 5,000,000.
Corporate plan

Unlike the organizational value plan, the corporate plan accommodates employees and their families. All other benefits are similar to those of the corporate value plan. Below are the corporate plan’s limits:

  • Ksh 5 Million
  • Ksh 2 Million – Ksh 5 Million,
  • Ksh 1 Million – Ksh 2 Million,
  • Ksh 0.5 Million – Ksh 1 Million,
  • Ksh 100,000 – Ksh 500,000.

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Resolution insurance contacts

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +254 709 990 000, +254 730 199 000

Physical Address: Parkfield Place, Muthangari Drive, Off Waiyaki


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