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Earnwave guide. How to earn from Earnwave

Earnwave guide. How to earn from Earnwave

Updated on July 7th, 2022 at 7:11 pm

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Earnwave guide. How to earn from Earnwave

Earnwave is a platform that has been existent for a while that engages one to earn cash with successful get-paid-to programs. All the activities provided by Earnwave are tasks that pay in real life and hence they are payable and doable. The platform acts as an intermediary to ensure you earn and get reliable earning just by doing some simple steps.

How to Register for Earnwave

  • Log on to https://www.earnwave.net/register on your Browser
  • Click on Register for Earnwave
  • Fill in all the details required
  • Click on Register now button, you will immediately get logged into Earnwave
  • Having done that, you are now part of Earnwave community

How to deposit to Earnwave platform

  • Log in to the Earnwave via https://www.earnwave.net/login
  • On the Earnwave dashboard click the deposit Icon which will open the Balance Deposit Section.
  • Fill in all the required fields correctly and click on the Deposit Now
  • You are going to receive a message stating you have successfully deposited your

Earnwave plans

  • Pick the best plan for you!
  • It does not cost anything. This a free membership
  • Your Daily Earn up to 0.00
Starter: It costs Ksh 500.
  • It entails Free You Tube videos, 1 paid You Tube video, No Google Ads No WhatsApp
Silver: It costs Ksh 1,000.
  • It entails Free You tube videos,
  • Daily Rewards,
  • Limited paid You tube videos,
  • Free Google Ads,
  • limited paid Google Ads,
  • No WhatsApp
Gold: It costs Ksh 2,000.

It entails Free YouTube videos,

unlimited paid YouTube videos,

Free Google Ads,

Limited paid Google Ads,

WhatsApp Earnings, Daily

Platinum: It costs Ksh 3,000.
  • It entails Free YouTube Videos,
  • Unlimited paid You tube videos,
  • Free Google Ads, Limited paid Google Ads,
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Earnings,
  • Daily Rewards.
Titanium: It costs Ksh 4,000.
  • It entails Free YouTube videos,
  • unlimited paid YouTube videos,
  • Free Google Ads,
  • Unlimited paid Google Ads,
  • unlimited WhatsApp Earnings,
  • Daily Rewards


Elite:It costs Ksh 4,800.
  • Unlimited uploads,
  • Unlimited paid YouTube videos,
  • Forex Broker Bonus,
  • Unlimited paid Google Ads,
  • unlimited WhatsApp Earnings,
  • Daily Rewards

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Earnwave affiliate program

Earnwave affiliate program is so well paying, it would be a big loss not to use it. With it’s affiliate program you can build a long term stable &passive income on the net. It entails:

  1. Payback Program: Everyone who joins this program will get paid every day (7 days a week). It’s free to use and earn money with Trusted Paid
  2. Promotion Programs: With this program, you receive your own free rotators. You can build a down line and earn money from their

How to Earn from Earnwave

Earnwave is taking the market by storm to ensure you get to earn after investing a small amount of money from various tasks. Some of the ways to earn from Earnwave are such as:

1. Google Ads

As a member of Earnwave one is able to view google ads which reflect on your dashboard after successful viewing. The ads are available daily and the more you watch the higher the pay.

2. YouTube videos

On enrolment you will get to watch YouTube videos and earn some money depending on the kind of package you have. The higher the package the more videos you get to watch and in turn you get to earn more.

3. Daily rewards

Bonuses available on Earnwave means is that one is entitled to daily rewards from bonuses in form of cash. These bonuses are meant to motivate every member of Earnwave to progress and continue earning in Earnwave.

4. Investment plans

Users have access to high level investment plans in Earnwave. Members get to earn daily profits of up to 150% of the invested amount. One is able to withdraw the profit amount at the end of the investment period.

5. Bitcoin mining

Users have access to bitcoin mining as members of Earnwave where they can invest cash and generate income from bitcoin. This is untapped market that is openly being handed over on a silver platter by Earnwave.

6. Forex broker app

All members of Earnwave are eligible to best available forex broker app to increase their source of incomes through that platform. A big opportunity for any member choosing to enroll and become a member of Earnwave.

7. Unlimited spins

Unlimited spins mean once in a while as a member gets to engage in spins and try their luck they definitely increase their earnings. These helps to motivate you in your journey as a member of Earnwave.


8. YouTube channel marketing

If you have a You Tube channel and a member of Earnwave great community, then you can share your videos links and they can get to be featured as one of the daily videos to ensure you are growing in all levels.

9. Daily tasks

Earnwave ensures you get tasks on daily basis to ensure you get to earn on daily basis with which ever task you choose do to.

Other tasks may include: transcribing, tagging images and moderating content ensuring you get paid after successfully finishing the task.

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How to withdraw cash from Earnwave

Any member can withdraw their balance at any time. Withdrawals are processed as soon as you withdraw. Upon reaching the eligible withdrawal threshold which is Ksh 900 you can request for withdrawal.

  • Log in to the Earnwave
  • On the Earnwave dashboard click the Withdraw icon which will open the Balance Withdrawal Section.
  • Fill in all the required fields correctly and click on the Withdraw Now
  • You will receive your money immediately in your MPESA

Earnwave Contacts

Physical Address: Nairobi Kenya, Moi Avenue.

Email Address: [email protected]


  1. How can you be contacted?

  2. Hi,You can get in touch with Earnwave via the email below
    [email protected]

  3. How can you earn through WhatsApp status

  4. Whats the minimum requirements to make a withdrawal for Whatsapp earnings

  5. In Regard to Whatsapp Earnings and Withdrawal,this is that has been indicated in EarnWave Terms & Conditions

    “Whatsapp Earnings are still being tested and they are converted to a rate of 0.01 for them to be withdrawable. If the user doesnt hit the required minimum earnings to withdraw they are automatically deleted at the end of each week.”

    Learn more here https://www.earnwave.net/terms-and-conditions

  6. So if you take a package like the starter which has YouTube videos does that mean you earn by watching the videos on youtube

  7. The only requirement before you withdraw is a minimum balance of Ksh 900 in your Earnwave Main Account

  8. Hi. Please kindly I need to be taught how to earn money as a starter I have just registered but I still don’t understand how to earn

  9. What is the pay per WhatsApp status view?

    • *💫Create an Account now and ununue Package to get started …Usipomake over 10k Leo from status views, ask me for a refund walai*🥳💯…. 👇
      *1 view =100*
      *50 views =5,000*
      *100 views = 10,000*
      *And so on…..*
      *Usilale umesota na uko na views*….
      *Let’s get started👇*

  10. Do you need referals on the elite package
    My upline told me I don’t need them and I’m not earning

  11. I have tried to register but al invain.what is the problem

  12. Hello,just joined earnwave so I request you to elaborate what’s
    2.how do yo pay the WhatsApp views
    Pse also contact me on 0720579406
    Yours sincerely Kennedy yego

  13. Hello,just joined earnwave so I request you to elaborate what’s
    2.how do yo pay the WhatsApp views
    Pse also contact me on 0720579406
    Yours sincerely Kennedy yego.

  14. Hello i purchased a package from monday and my account is dormant am not earning what might be the prblem ,please activate it

  15. hello I joined earnwave what are the requirements for one to make a withdrawal

  16. What is the requirements to earn through watsup views

  17. Hey i joined earnwave first of this month but have not been able to withdraw my earnings since another problem is my whatssup uploads keeps being rejected since saturday they are saying incorrect upload what is that honestly have been doing it right like the first time please help

  18. Is this thing legit for real?
    My whatsapp earnings for15,000 status is pending since 4pm today

  19. Why is it that when I submit a whatsapp post it is rejected?

  20. What’s app for help 0710184673

  21. Was it approved??
    Because mine is pending now 6 hours.
    Contact 0741741175

  22. If you want help… joining or questions concerning earnwave contact 0111269524(whatsapp)

  23. problem with withdrew

  24. Kipngenoh Emmanuel ngetich

    Is it that when i will make to hit the account balance of 900ksh I’ll be able to withdraw

  25. Whatsapp me on 0792314168 if you need any assistance on how you can make money on Earnwave.

  26. I have 12000 on my WhatsApp earnings and 60/ on my main account and so I can’t withdraw. What an I supposed to do? Kindly advise.

  27. i want to join

  28. Don’t bother guys! This whole thing is a scam! Once you pay for the upgrade your account will be dormant! SCAM!!!

  29. Want to earn through your phone ask me how

  30. Hello guys, if you need any help in joining or anything concerning earnwave am here to help out…contact whatsapp 011269524

    • Why is it that you ask us to see you if we have problem. Come on everybody here is complaining adn the question is One why dont you all who know something help us here intead of calling us to see you in WhatsApp where you all end up giving yuor own links so you can earn and yet you still leave us with same problem

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