UAP Medical Insurance Health Cover Plans and Contacts

UAP Medical Insurance Health Cover Plans and Contacts

UAP Medical Insurance Health Cover Plans and Contacts

UAP Medical Insurance Health Cover

Acquiring the best health services requires substantial financial investments. In cases of emergency, it may be challenging for someone to raise cash.

Luckily UAP medical insurance offers products to interested customers, enabling them to save up for unexpected occurrences. If you’re afraid of not affording insurance products, you don’t have to worry, as UAP medical insurance health cover comes with various plans to suit people with different financial capabilities.

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UAP Medical Insurance Health Cover Plans

UAP health cover plans that you can consider, depending on your needs, include:

Afya Imara

On buying the Afya Imara health plan, you can be confident that your family’s medical expenses are catered for. This plan includes inpatient and outpatient covers, with the former providing maternity benefits, while the latter covers dental and optical costs. If you’re a parent or guardian of a patient aged below 12 years, this plan will cover your accommodation during the treatment period.

Afya Imara County

This plan can accommodate your family members, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another Medical insurance cover. In the inpatient cover, there’s a maternity provision that will cover all relevant expenses. This payment will not surpass the stated limit. Again, you shouldn’t worry about your accommodation if your child aged below 12 years is a patient.

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Afya Imara Seniors

With this health cover plan, you’ll pay premiums for each individual, meaning one insurance cover cannot be used by your family members. After three years of being a customer of this plan, you’ll start getting discounts, reducing the amount of money you’ll pay in premiums. Outpatient and inpatient medical insurance covers are available.

Afya Imara Executive

Afya Imara Executive plan offers outpatient and inpatient packages that come with dental and maternity covers, respectively. Inpatient covers come with two insurance limits, with one covering the member only while the other caters for the patient’s family as well.

Afya Imara Junior

At UAP, you have a chance to procure a health insurance plan for your child with the existence of Afya Imara Junior. It covers children from the time of birth till they’re of legal age. This cover can also cater for a child past their legal age but not if they’re above 21 years old. There are inpatient and outpatient packages, with the latter covering dental and optical expenses.

UAP Medical Insurance Contacts

Phone number: +254 711 065 777, +254 722 839 641, +254 733 518 345

Email address: [email protected]

Physical address: UAP Old Mutual Tower, Upper Hill Road, P O Box 43013 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.


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