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NCBA Loop Account, Login, App, Contacts

NCBA Loop Account, Login, App, Contacts

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NCBA Loop Account, Login, App, Contacts

NCBA Loop account is a digital banking that helps you have total financial control on your hands anytime, anywhere by offering you full banking services delivered through mobile i.e., Android, IOS & web experience.


With Loop you get to enjoy stress- free and secure banking using your device to login to your account. You can get a personal loan of up KSH.3 million without any paper work and also get to make payments to any mobile money or to a bank.


You get a chance to enjoy stress free and secure banking services that adapts to your lifestyle.

With the NCBA Bank Kenya, you can do a self-service registration online without visiting any of their branches as long as you are an account holder with them.

All you have to do is to sign in to your NCBA internet banking account online and start your banking services such as transfer funds, apply for loans, view your statement, check your balances and so much more.

Requirements to register for NCBA Loop Account

  • Must have an active NCBA Kenya bank account
  • Active internet connection
  • Smartphone, Tablet or Computer
  • Mobile phone number

How to sign up

  1. Visit the NCBA official website: https://netbanking.cbagroup.com
  2. Navigate to the self-service portal section on your right side of the sit and click on sign up
  • The NCBA bank online banking portal will open for you.
  1. Enter your NCBA Kenya bank account in the first box
  2. Next, type in your mobile number and click go for it.
  3. You will be to the next section to create your internet banking account by filling in your details
  • Finally observe the instructions on the next page to complete your NCBA Kenya internet banking.
  • Once you have successfully registered for the NCBA online banking service, you must visit the nearest NCBA branch to get your Token that you will use to log in. However you can download the HID approved soft token to generate a token to sign in.

NCBA Login

  1. Visit the NCBA Bank Kenya Website.
  2. On the right hand side of the site you will see log in to your account
  • Enter your User ID in the first box.
  1. Next, input in your Token Generated Pin
  2. Now click on Go for it and follow the instructions to sign in to your NCBA online banking account.
  3. That is how to successfully sign in to your online banking account.

NCBA Loop App

This is a mobile banking app owned by NCBA bank available on Android and other smartphones.

It is an online platform that allows customer to access banking services at their mobile phones comfort.

The App has features that facilitate transactions such as bills and money transfers. It also records your transactions for financial management purposes.

In addition to that while using the App you can set goals and save to archive the amount you need within a specified period.

Recently, an upgrade to the App added a feature that allows borrowing from the App. It acts as a virtual bank account to make deposits and withdraws.

It has also been linked with MasterCard services, which means you can pay with your card if you have money in your loop account.

In addition to that, while using the App you can set goals and save to achieve the amount you need within a specified time.

Below is a guideline on how to successfully download the app and create an account:

Downloading the NCBA loop App

  • Go to google play store or App store
  • In the search box, type NCBA loop
  • Once the App is located click install
  • Also you can get the App by visiting their website at ncbaloop.com

Creating user account on the App

  • Open the App on your device
  • Click sign up
  • Enter your details as instructed on the app i.e. name, phone number as well as your National ID number
  • Using the code sent to you via SMS verify your phone number
  • The account is activated upon verification.

After the online registration, you will be required to physically go at collect your card at the nearest NCBA office.

Here, your picture and biometrics will be taken before you get the card. They will unlock your account and then you will be free to transact with the App.

How to borrow from the App

  • Open the NCBA loop App on your phone
  • Log in to your account
  • Select apply loans
  • Enter the amount you wish borrow
  • Submit the application

However, it is important to note that you can only apply for NCBA Loop loans depending on your loan limits. Therefore when applying ensure that the amount you apply for is equal to or less than the loan limit.

You should repay the loan you applied for within the specified time to avoid adverse credit reports by the CRB.

Paying your loans within the specified time will also increase your loan limits. The more you borrow and repay the loans in time, the higher the loan limit grows.


NCBA Loop Contacts

If you are experiencing any issues with NCBA website, app or any other type of assistance you can get in touch with them via the following channels:

Customer care Contact Tel: +254 20 288 4444

Mobile Number: +254 711 056 444/ +254 732 156 444

Toll free Fax: 00800007788

Location: Mara Rd. Upper-hill Nairobi

Address: P.O.BOX 44599- 00100, Nairobi Kenya


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