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List of Colleges in Mombasa and courses offered

List of Colleges in Mombasa and courses offered

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List of Colleges in Mombasa and courses offered

Before deciding the college to enrol yourself in, you need to educate yourself on available institutions.

This way, you’ll increase your chances of joining a college from where you can learn as much as possible. To make your decision-making process easier, below are some colleges located in Mombasa County:


  1. Kenya Medical Training College

Located along Abdel Naser Road, KMTC is an institution that prides itself in passing healthrelated education to eligible students. Countrywide, it has 71 campuses, with its roots in Mombasa dating back to 1948, when a campus was set up to educate nurses and midwives.

Some of the courses being offered in the Mombasa campus include, diploma in medical imaging sciences, diploma in orthopaedic technology, diploma in clinical medicine, and diploma in health records and information technology.


  1. Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling

The Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling was established in 2011. As the name suggests, this institution of higher learning was formed to offer programs related to the counselling field.

In Mombasa, it is located in Harbour House, 5TH floor, Moi Avenue. Courses offered at the Kenya Institute of Professional Counselling include:

  • Certificate in social work.
  • Certificate in community development.
  • Diploma in family and marriage therapy.
  • Diploma in psychological counselling.
  • Diploma in guidance and counselling.
  • Certificate in counsellor education.


  1. Kenya Utalii College

This institution offers an opportunity for students to thrive in the hospitality and tourism sector.

It has been in existence for slightly over 45 years. During this time, over 60,000 students have obtained necessary knowledge, giving them an opportunity to grow the industry locally and internationally.

Some programs offered in this college include, certificate in travel operations, certificate in food production, certificate in food and beverage services, diploma in hotel management, and diploma in travel and tourism management. In Mombasa, the Kenya Utalii College is located along Mvita Road.


  1. Rifkins College

Rifkins College in Mombasa is located along Digo Road. It was established in 1953, and the institution has seen completion of diploma and certificate courses by over 400,000 students. Some of these courses fall under the fields below:

  • Accounting and finance.
  • Beauty therapy.
  • Computer graphics.
  • Events management.
  • Computer programming.
  • Hospitality management.


  1. Mombasa Airways Training Institute

This institution is located along Moi Avenue, Harbour House, 2nd floor, Mombasa.

Courses offered at Mombasa Airways Training Institute include, Certificate in Office Management, Diploma in Shipping and Logistics, Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies, Certificate in Hospitality Management, Diploma in Information Technology, and Diploma in Front office ad Administration.


  1. Sairene Travel Operations College

Sairene College is located along Mkindani Road in Mombasa. Programs offered at this institution are listed below:

  • Computer packages.
  • Certificate in travel and tourism.
  • Diploma in tour guiding and administration.
  • Diploma in travel and tourism.
  • Certificate in tour guiding and administration.
  • Bachelor of Science in hotel and restaurant management.


  1. Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies

Operating under the Islamic teachings, Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies was formed in 2001 with an aim to offer courses in business and finance with IT.

All courses at this institution are examined by the professional bodies below:

  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
  • International Certification of Digital Literacy.
  • Advanced Business Education in Business Education.


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  1. Shanzu Teachers’ Training College

Shanzu Teachers’ college in Mombasa became operational in 1967 so that interested learners could obtain P1, P2, and P3 certifications. Currently, it directs all its activities towards the achievement of Kenya’s Vision 2030.

In addition to training teachers, this college also offers some business-related courses, such as certificate in human resource management, CPA, certificate in supply chain management, and computer application packages.


  1. The Kenya Institute of Management

KIM has various campuses across the country and Nyerere Avenue, Mombasa is one of the many locations. It’s a membership-based management organization that was formed in 1954.

It partners with companies to provided consultancy services, in the managerial sector, so that these firms can increase their productivity. Also, the Kenya Institute of Management offers learning programs to students.

These programs include, certificate in data analysis, research methodology training, diploma in law and management, certificate in management, diploma in human resource management, and diploma in business management.


  1. Bandari College

This institution was established in 1980, so that employees who worked at Kenya Ports Authority would be trained on how to increase their productivity. Currently, it is open to individual working in the maritime sector. Some courses offered at Bandari College are as below:

  • Diploma in mechanical engineering (production option).
  • Diploma in freight management.
  • Foundation diploma in shipping.
  • Craft certificate in marine engineering.
  • Diploma in nautical sciences.
  • Craft certificate in maritime transport logistics.

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