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How to Get or Check Your Huduma Number Card

How to Get or Check Your Huduma Number Card Status

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How to Get or Check Your Huduma Number Card Status

The government had earlier announced that the Huduma number cards will be ready by December the year 2020 but however this directive was not obeyed.

The cabinet secretary for interior security has however announced that the Hudumu number cards are ready for pick up but only for the residents within Nairobi cards. The CS announced those who had applied for the Huduma number will be notified through an SMS for the place where they will be supposed to pick up their Huduma number cards. The Huduma number collection points are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM.

Huduma number card is card that will be used to uniquely identify all individuals residing in Kenya including the refugee. The card captures all biometric information of an individual and will also capture other details like for example, the license driving number.

NB: remember when applying for Huduma number you provided your mobile phone number. This is the number that the government will you use to notify you once your Huduma number card is ready for pick up.

Also, registration for Huduma is a must for all individuals residing in Kenya. If you fail to register for Huduma number then you will not be able to access services provided by the government for example, applying for identification card alongside other benefits enjoyed by Kenyan citizens.

How to check you Huduma Number online

Currently, it is not possible to check the status of Huduma number card online. The National Integrated is in the in the process of integrating its system in order to ensure that individuals can check their Huduma number card status online

How to check Huduma Number status

Huduma number has  not specified out the correct guide and technique in which a person  can get to know their Huduma number status online, but however you can visit the official website by Huduma number www.hudumanamba.go.ke and get to look at the frequently asked questions and the responses of Huduma number Kenya or you can email them through the email address [email protected]

Huduma card application

If you did not register for Huduma number during the first phase of Huduma number registration, then all you have to do is to visit the area chief with the appropriate requirements like for example, the national Identification card

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How to change Huduma Number collection point.

To change Huduma number collection point, ensure that the text that was sent to you initially by Huduma number still exists. The message bears a certain a certain link which you can click on and will direct you to Huduma number portal.

Log into the portal and select your preferred collection area and if you fail to select your preferred collection area, Huduma number secretariat will choose an appropriate location for you to collect your Huduma number depending on the place where you made your application.

Alternatively, if you accidentally deleted the message from Huduma number, you can reach out Huduma through the number, 0800221111 and you will be redirected further.

How to check or get your Huduma Number card.

Huduma number will send a two sms notification to confirm that your Huduma is already out. One of the texts will have a link which you can choose to change your Huduma number collection area and once you fail to respond to the link, Huduma number will select an indefinable place for you where you can pick your Huduma number.

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Huduma Number Contacts

Official website:    www.hudumanamba.go.ke.

Email address       [email protected]

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