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POA Internet Packages, Reviews, Coverage, Speed Test, Customer Care Contacts
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POA Internet Packages, Reviews, Coverage, Speed Test, Customer Care Contacts

Updated on July 22nd, 2021 at 11:00 pm

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POA Internet Packages, Reviews, Coverage, Speed Test, Customer Care Contacts

Accessing and enjoying internet should be free without any fear of losing or finishing data. POA Internet offers you cheap unlimited data, which greatly transforms the way you use internet.

With such an advantage, you can focus more on what you use the internet for be it doing some work, watching a movie, just surfing the net etc. Every service they offer they consider saving money for every customer.

The latest WIFI technology has enabled POA to offer the most affordable, reliable and unlimited internet services compared to other internet service providers. The Internet team has designed the entire platform to offer the best internet services at the lowest cost.

POA Internet packages
  • They  offer their services at a very highly affordable price. They do not have any hidden charges or extra payments.
  • All you need is to pay an installation fee of Ksh. 7,000.
  • After installation, POA offers you a single internet package of up to 4 Mbps for just Ksh. 1,500 per month.
  • You also get free WIFI access in any of the over 13,000 uko POA public WIFI hotspots. However, this is for the broadband customers.
  • Customers who do not have broadband services simply pay for access. Prices start at Ksh. 100 that gives 1-hour access.
  • In case of a relocation, you need to pay a fee of Ksh. 4,500. Relocation is done within 48 hours after making the payment.
  • Where the customer goes for 3 months without making payments, it forces POA to recover their equipment and close the account. Since there was leasing of the equipment to a customer, POA does not sell the equipment.

POA Internet reviews are supper great. It has up to 5 stars rate and the least rate is 2.7 stars from customers. This assures you of the high quality services offered by POA Internet.

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POA Network Coverage

POA started its services in kibera and Kawagware places where no other Telco could think of starting their venture. Most of its services are currently concentrated within Nairobi and Kiambu counties. The current POA network offers 7.000 hotspots across all its areas.

POA Internet runs the largest WIFI network in Kenya and provides home broadband connections in its network areas. According to the Fourth quarter, Sector Statistics Report POA has over 54,831 subscribers taking 8.8% market share. POA ranks fourth after Safaricom with 207,398 subscribers, Zuku with 201,605 subscribers and then JTL with 118, 493 subscribers.

Considering that, POA Internet is a new entrant and the limited areas it operates it shows that it is getting a good move from internet users.

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POA Internet Customer Care Contacts

At POA, they really care about each customer. Customer Care is one of their highest priority. These services are provided to you through various channels to make your consultation as easy as possible. These are:

POA Internet Speed Test

Currently, POA Internet is offering up to 4 Mbps. To do a speed test follow the systematic guide below:

  • Connect your device to the internet.
  • Type speed test on your browser then run tests.
  • Both upload and download speeds should be up to 4 Mbps


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