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How much does YouTube pay in Kenya

How much does YouTube pay in Kenya?

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How much does YouTube pay in Kenya?

While your earning is not probably realistic, you can improve it by earning money quickly via YouTube. Still, you can start a part time job or rather a full-time job and earn handsomely on YouTube.  Notably, YouTube earnings are usually based on the cost per mile (CPM). It generally stands for the cost for every 1,000 impressions you make.


Understand ad revenue analytics



Revenue Per Mille (RPM) is a metric that represents how much money you’ve earned per 1,000 video views. RPM is calculated on a per-view basis, and not on a per-video basis. If you have more videos in a day (or other time period), RPM will be higher.



Cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) is a metric that represents how much money advertisers are spending to show ads on YouTube. You’ll see a few different CPM metrics in YouTube Analytics:


CPM: The cost an advertiser pays for 1,000 ad impressions. An ad impression is counted anytime an ad is displayed.

Playback-based CPM: The cost an advertiser pays for 1,000 video playbacks where an ad is displayed.

On average, YouTube monetization for 1000 views (also known as CPM – Cost Per Mille) ranges from Ksh 54 to Ksh 652 based on the location of viewers and the target audience. The numbers vary a lot, but most channels get Ksh 54 per 1,000 views.


Views, ad impressions, & estimated monetized playbacks

Views: The number of times your video was watched.

Ad impressions: The number of times individual ads were viewed on your videos.

Estimated monetized playbacks: The number of times your video was watched with ads.


If your video is viewed 10 times, and 8 of those views contained ads, you would have 10 views and 8 estimated monetized playbacks. If one of those estimated monetized playbacks actually had 2 ads, you would have 9 ad impressions.


NB: Not all views on YouTube have an ad. A video may not have an ad if:


  • The video is not advertiser-friendly.
  • Ads or individual ad formats are turned off for that video.
  • There isn’t an ad available to show to that particular viewer. Advertisers can choose to target specific devices, demographics, and interests. Your viewer may not match this targeting
  • A range of other factors, including the viewer’s geography, how recently they’ve seen an ad, whether they have a Premium subscription, and so on.


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Below is a sequential guide on how to make money on YouTube:


Setup and build your YouTube channel

It is free to create a YouTube channel. Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. Creating a YouTube account, which is the same as a Google account, will grant you access to other Google products, such as Gmail and Drive.


Add content

Upload original content that is of high quality and isn’t that long. Try to do this regularly and stay consistent with uploads. Make sure to tag your videos with keywords that describe the content, as well as an eye-catching description. These will help drive people to your video from YouTube searches.


Build or gain an Audience

This is the key to increase your monetization. The only secret to getting more subscribers is to make the best content that you can.


Monetize your videos

This means you are allowing YouTube to place ads in your videos. Still, it means that you acknowledge that there is no copyrighted material in your web.


Set up Google AdSense

You can set up Google AdSense free at the AdSense website. To achieve this, click the Sign-Up button to begin creating your account. You must be 18 years or above to create your own account


Market your videos via Social media or on blogs

Share your YouTube videos on the social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, linked In, WhatsApp or any other social media platform known and you will be amazed at how many views you receive. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the internet, you increase the chance of it being noticed.


Check your analytics

You can check out on your videos to see how they are performing. Click the analytic option in your channel menu. Here you can view estimated earnings, ad performance, video views, demographics and more.


Become a YouTube partner

YouTube partners are YouTube members who have monetized videos with large number of viewers. They gain access to more content creation tools and can win prizes for the number of viewers they have. Moreover, they get access to much more community support and tips.

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