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Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency without investment

Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency without investment

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Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrency without investment

Cryptocurrency is money in digital form, and it’s said to be safer compared to physical cash. Unlike physical cash, you do not have to carry your digital coins in your pocket. All you need is a digital wallet, where you can withdraw your money into a tangible form or send the crypto to another person’s wallet as a form of payment. You can easily earn cryptocurrency without investing, making it possible for you to enjoy the benefits of using digital money. Below is a review on ways to get yourself some free coins:

Earning free cryptocurrency without investment
Downloading cryptocurrency wallets

This technique involves just having a wallet application on your phone. You’ll earn free coins for showing interest in trading cryptocurrency, whether as a buyer or a seller. Ensure to create an account with the specific wallet, in addition to downloading it.

Examples of cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Kraken
  • CoinBase
  • Paxful

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If you have an account with a cryptocurrency wallet application, you can earn money by inviting others to use the same wallet. Share the unique link provided by your wallet provider, and if your invitees accept your invite, you’ll earn free cryptocurrency. Send this link to as many people as possible, as doing this will increase your chances of enjoying massive earnings.

Participate in surveys on Timebucks

Timebucks is a platform that rewards individuals who participate in various surveys through Bitcoin, which is a common form of cryptocurrency. To participate in these surveys, you’ll not be required to pay any cash. All that’s required is your opinion, for which you’ll earn cryptocurrency.

Affiliate marketing

This method will work best upon reaching many people and convincing them to invest in given products or services. To earn free cryptocurrency, you’ll have to share a link with your prospects, and if they use it in their purchase, the crypto coins will be credited into your account.

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