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How to Invest and Purchase Bitcoins in Kenya

How to Invest and Purchase Bitcoins in Kenya

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How to Invest and Purchase Bitcoins in Kenya

Bitcoin is a digital currency used to pay for services and purchase products online. Having bitcoin is like having cash in the internet though you can convert it to solid cash whenever you want to.

In Kenya Bitcoins are not commonly used though, as it’s adaption increases and investors turn a great interest on this asset it is very important that you know how to buy Bitcoins with the highest security standards and the lowest possible fee. It is important to know that Bitcoin is not controlled by any person or government. Also Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. So only deal with people you can really trust.

Below are some of the sites or places where you can purchase Bitcoins in Kenya:


It was founded by Yoni Assia, Ronen Assia and David Ring. Its headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom and has over 20 million users. eToro is an innovative and versatile trading platform where you can trade currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities. It works as a social trading platform with its copy trading feature which allows users to view, follow and copy the network’s top traders automatically.


It was founded by Changpeng Zhao. Its headquarters are based in Hong Kong and has over 15 million users. It’s rise to popularity can be attributed to the impressive number of crypto currencies they offer, professional attitude, friendly and transparent CEO, and low trading fees.


It was founded by Oleksandr Lutskevych. Its headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom and has over 4 million users. It was started in 2013 as a Bitcoin exchange and cloud mining provider which has since become multifunctional exchange. It has an individual approach to each customer, from Bitcoin beginners to institutional traders. Its services are provided worldwide. It has multiple payment methods and is one of the platforms that guarantees the safety of data and assets.


It was founded by Laurence Newman, Nimrod Gruber and Ilan Schuster. Its headquarters are based in Slovakia and has over 2,700,000 users. It is a reading cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin with a credit card or bank transfers. Coinmama is really simple exchange, which makes a perfect platform for safe, secure and quick transactions.




It was founded by Jesse Powell. Its headquarters are based in San Francisco, California and has over 6 million users. With millions of active users an international market and strategic investors on board, Kraken, joins coinbase and Binance to become the big three cryptocurrency exchanges in the global market. The company appears to be well capitalized and very safe to use.

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It was founded by Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback. It has over 4,800,000 users and its headquarters are based in Wilmington, Delaware. Paxful was established in 2015 and works as a peer to peer Bitcoin trading platform. This allows sellers and buyers to interact by posting trade offers. It supports many payment methods for instance PayPal, MoneyGram etc. It’s upon the user to choose the one that suite him/her best.


It has ove1,350,000 users, its headquarters based in Helsinki, Finland. It works as a decentralised exchange facilitating peer-to-peer Bitcoin sales by allowing users to list their buy/sell advertisements. By using the site users can communicate with prospective buyers and sellers and confirm all the transaction details before finalizing any trade. Users can either meet in person or trade online. It allows for private purchase and can be used worldwide. It also allows users to make purchase via a number of different payment methods.


It is a Chinese based exchange that was founded in 2013 by star Xu. It is currently one of the more dominant platforms for Bitcoin trading. It has over 100,000 users and its headquarters are based in Beijing, China. Okcoin primarily services users from china and Asian markets but accepts traders from all over the world.


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It was founded by Alex Melikhov and Konstantin Gladych. Its headquarters are based in Valletta, Malta and it has over 2 million users. Changelly allows one to exchange one cryptocurrency with another through convenient and clean user interface and a quick registration via email or social media account. Its conversion mechanism is integrated into some of the biggest cryptocurrency platforms. It has no geographical restriction to the services it provides. Therefore, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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