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How To Receive Money From Xoom, Xoom Locations

How To Receive Money From Xoom, Xoom Locations

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How To Receive Money From Xoom, Xoom Locations

Xoom is a PayPal service that allows users to transfer money online. Receivers can get their money using various ways ranging from local mobile wallets to direct bank transfers and other ways. Xoom has extended its services to about 170 countries across the globe with different locations.

How to receive money from Xoom

PayPal acquired Xoom in 2015 to make transfer and receiving of money easy. Therefore, one of the most common ways of receiving money is through PayPal. However, this is only possible if you have a PayPal account.

There’s still more that you need before receiving money from Xoom. You must have a verified identity, a transaction receipt, and a verification code.

Xoom also allows mobile banking, where receivers can get their money using local digital banking ways. For instance, those in Kenya can receive money directly to their m-pesa as a local mobile wallet.

Xoom makes it easier for its clients to get payments and transactions from overseas direct to their mobile wallets by using the Xoom mobile app.

The app is the most convenient to use when receiving money for various reasons, common to all mobile app users.

  • Getting a more personalized support
  • Convenience when withdrawing funds
  • Enhanced privacy of carrying out transactions.

While it may seem the most convenient way, you must give the correct details to the person sending money from another state. These details include the correct mobile number for authenticity.

You can also receive money straight to your bank account. Still, there’s a limit. It would be best to use this alternative if you already have a PayPal account linked to your bank account.

There’s also an option of withdrawing from Xoom to PayPal if you prefer to receive money in USD. The steps are seamless to follow, and you will have the money processed within minutes.

  • Visit Xoom’s Login page
  • Select log in with PayPal
  • Use your mobile number or email along with the password to login.

You can withdraw the amount to your local mobile banking system, such as m-pesa within East Africa, to conveniently shop around and get away with the hustle of conversion rates in a bank.

The one sending the money can use their debit card to make the transaction. It, however, increases the transaction cost, but the funds will be processed faster.

Usually, you will either receive money from Xoom in your local currency or U.S. dollars, depending on your preferred method of banking.

The better part, recipients do not have internet access to a bank account to get the money. There’s also a money-back guarantee to ensure all transactions are safe in case anything goes wrong.

You can still receive money from a cash pick up location or home delivery services. Additionally, these services are Xoom’s partners but have different restrictions depending on your country.

Also, check for operating hours and note that receiving money outside Xoom’s supported partners may impact the transactions.

Cash pick up locations have different operating business hours and holidays. Nevertheless, you can always tell your sender to track the transactions on their track transactions page.

Once in a while, your transaction may be canceled and therefore fail to receive money from Xoom. Occasionally, this will happen if you exceed the three levels set by Xoom, as determined by the amount of money from either a single or multiple sender.

Let’s break down these levels:

  • Level 1 senders

You can only receive a maximum of $15,000 in 24 hours if your sender belongs to this level. A 30-day limit is set for USD 25,000, and USD 55,000 in 180 days.

  • Level 2 senders

Similar to level 1, you can only receive up to USD 15,000 in 24 hours, USD 25,000 within 30 days, and a limit of USD 55,000 in 180 days.

  • Level 3 senders

This is the highest level that allows you to receive a maximum of USD 75,000 in 24 hours, USD 90,000 in 30 days, and USD 120,000 in 180 days.

Therefore, it is always good to confirm your sender’s level before allowing them to make transactions.

It helps you know the maximum amount of money to receive, especially if you run a business rather than receiving money on a personal account.

Usually, Xoom always tries to make the transactions fast by ensuring that you receive the money within minutes.

However, it may take longer depending on the recipient’s country and your sender’s method of sending funds,

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Xoom Locations

Currently, Xoom allows transactions in 170 countries, with senders using different currencies. The platform allows money transfers from:

  • US in USD
  • Canada in CAD
  • European countries in EUR
  • UK in GBP

If unsure whether Xoom supports your country or location, you can easily confirm the Xoom transfer locations.

Xoom provides an opportunity for local transfers in thousands of locations worldwide. Its presence in many countries has provided an easier way of receiving money in different pick-up locations.

If Xoom does not approve your location as a reception point, you can use a local bank or mobile wallet to access the money.

The most important feature is to check out if Xoom supports your country. You can still use a pick-up option, but bank and mobile transfers are always easier and more convenient.

The Final Word

You can receive money from Xoom using your preferred method of choice if their services support your country. Always ask to know your sender’s level before letting them release the money, and provide accurate details to make the overseas transfers easier and receive your money in time.


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