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SEO Marketing Tools, Strategy and Guide

SEO Marketing Tools, Strategy and Guide

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SEO Marketing Tools, Strategy and Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an excellent way to ensure that your company’s website attracts the attention of as many potential clients as possible.

To get it right, you need to understand the various ways to make SEO work for your organization. Otherwise, you’ll end up directing a lot of time and money into an approach that will not result in a positive outcome.


Examples of SEO Marketing Tools

Below are some SEO tools that could help you in your quest to make many people learn about your company’s existence through the internet:

  • Siteliner – uniqueness is essential for any business to thrive. Using Siteliner will help you determine whether your website’s content is similar to that of other websites.
  • Ahrefs – using this tool will help determine the areas to change, based on what competitors are doing to rank better on internet searches.
  • Answer the Public – this tool aims to help determine the best topic for your website’s content and keywords that you can use to explore that topic entirely.
  • Majestic – This tool helps determine whether a particular website is one of the highly-ranked sites. On using it, you’ll find out whether you’ve received any backlinks from other website owners. Also, this SEO tool will help you determine the best keywords to use so that potential clients get to your website faster.

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A guide on using SEO marketing tools strategically

Even with the best SEO tools, your efforts can still be worth nothing. You need to play a substantial part in analyzing and reworking your decisions often. Below are some tips on ensuring SEO marketing tools work to your advantage:


  1. Seek ideas from other Websites

Seeing that there are tools that rank the best performing websites, use them to identify your competitors and hopefully get some insights on how you can become an excellent performer. Otherwise, you may end up being behind the competition for a long time.

  1. Regularly analyze your strategies

For example, if you decide to drop some keywords and add others, analyze whether this change will result in a positive outcome or not. Do this every time you choose to make changes to your website.


  1. Put your customers first

When determining the best action to ensure a good SEO rating, remember that all your efforts intend to enhance customer satisfaction. As such, don’t be caught up in optimizing your website that you end up ruining your clients’ experiences.

For example, be sure to add keywords that all potential clients can understand, regardless of whether they are knowledgeable enough or not.

  1. Differentiate your website from those of your competitors

Even if you should consider your competitor’s strategies, do not copy what they have done. Doing this will waste your SEO-related efforts and motivate your customers to turn to other websites.


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