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Scribie Transcription, Review, Payment and Jobs

Scribie Transcription, Review, Payment and Jobs

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Scribie Transcription, Review, Payment and Jobs

Scribie Transcription


Scribie is an online transcription site that helps you convert your audio to text, including movie subtitles and more. However, knowing how to work with the platform is as significant as the work itself. In this article, we explore Scribie’s transcription and review in detail.

The site allows you to upload files and have freelancers work on your audio files. Usually, your files will be converted to text.

Scribie has a specific and an orderly transcription process that also maintains privacy and confidentiality of your files.

The site also ensures transparency when you upload your transcription. Usually, the files will be divided to four segments before being assigned to the selected transcribers.

Since this is a transcription job, transcribers always work remotely but you can always communicate or raise your concerns online via the website.

As transcriptionists work on your audio project, another group is ready to receive it and rectify any errors. This ensures quality is maintained and your original file is error-free.

The rectified file will be assigned to a separate team to read through and check for any inconsistency. Besides using various software programs to accomplish the tasks on time, all files are reviewed by humans.

Finally, the audio files are checked for quality, which should be at least 99%. You can then receive the files once they have attained the quality mark for review, within the stipulated timeline.

However, not all files will always attain the 99% accuracy levels. In such cases, the audio files will keep being reviewed and corrections made where necessary until the correct version is produced.

If you had submitted an audio file, you can always access the final copy on the dashboard for review and make the payment as required.

Typically, all transcribed audio files require a web editor. Scribie simplifies the process by minimizing the cost of requiring such services. Freelancers use web editing tools when working on your project, making it simpler.

The transcription of your files is highly valued, particularly the privacy. The fact that your file is broken to different sections to be done by different freelancers, limits access to the complete version, hence maintaining privacy.

Furthermore, all online communication is encrypted, especially when initiating conversations via a web browser.


Scribie Review

All sites have their pros and cons, and Scribie is no exception. Here’s what you are likely to get when using Scribie, whether as a freelance transcriber or an employer.


  • Scribie Payment


Generally, Scribie will be a good source of passive income, but the rates will vary according to the content. Charges entirely depend on per minute of audio transcription.

Manually transcript audio files are under strict deadlines of 36 hours for submission. However, such files cost $0.80 per minute of transcription.

There are additional costs for verbatim transcription, which hikes the payment. If you want your files in strict verbatim, you have to pay $0.50 per minute in addition to the normal cost of $0.80.

Similarly, employers have to pay extra costs of $0.50 per minute for every audio files with noisy backgrounds and unclear sounds.

You can also upload files for automatic transcription and have them within 30 minutes. It is a less costly approach, as you only have to pay $0.10 per minute, and  $1.00 for each file.

Working on Scribie as a transcriber is interesting since you work at your own hours. However, sometimes you may not receive payment if your work is rejected. Occasionally, experienced freelance transcribers have attested to the low pay.


  • Accuracy


As metrics for a transcription may differ from different people, accuracy is a top priority by Scribie.

Transcribers are well-versed with adequate skills, knowledge and experience to guarantee quality work with fast delivery. Nevertheless, they maintain accuracy even within strict and urgent tasks.

You can rely on Scribie for the transcription of your audio files. Over the years, Scribie has guaranteed 99% accuracy, that makes it a reliable platform.

Automatic file transcriptions are 80% accurate, provided there’s clarity of sound with no background sounds.


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  • Scribie Supported file formats


Various file formats are available and supported by Scribie for transcription. Freelance transcribers can always convert the files into supported versions if audio types from clients are not supported by the platform.

Scribie supports basic file formats such as AAC, MP3, MP4 and WAV. Files can also be uploaded online from YouTube, Dropbox and other cloud storage platforms for transcription.

Uncommon files – OPUS, AIIF and MKV are also supported and you can upload them from your Windows, MacOS or Linux supported device. Alternatively, you can convert it to a supported version using audio conversion software such as Audacity.


  • Scribie Jobs


While Scribie many be a good source of a side income, applying for jobs is simple. However, the pay is sometimes low, as you need to be compensated for the work you do. There’s also flexibility of working since you choose your working hours.

You also get to learn more from working with Scribie. However, some of their translation jobs can be tedious, especially if the speakers have thick accents.

Job cancelation also occurs when clients reject the work if poorly done. Generally, you need to work according to the employer’s standards to get a good score and payment.

Their rules and standards often change, which implies that you need to be keen to avoid getting your work cancelled.

However, the payment for work increases after 60 minutes of constant working and good reviews from clients.

The us little human interaction with workers and consultations are minimal for a novice. There’s a high possibility of messing up if you aren’t keen to detail.




Scribie is a good transcription platform and can greatly boost your career. Learning additional skills helps you to work part-time while making a living. However, the pay and compensation is very low for beginners.




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