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How to Make a Scarecrow for School Projects

How to Make a ScareCrow for School Projects

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How to Make a ScareCrow for School Projects


You will need to have the following necessities in order to make a scarecrow;

  1. A 6 to 8-foot garden foot Stick
  2. A 5-foot stick for making the shoulders
  3. Screws
  4. Burlap sack
  5. Timber
  6. Hot glue
  7. A needle or a thread
  8. Old clothes and accessories: like for example shirt, trousers, straw, hat, gloves etc.
  9. Straw, newspaper, plastic bags or other stuffing material.

After assembling the above-mentioned attires, then follow the following steps in order to make a scare crow;

Step 1. Making the body of the ScareCrow

Pick up the 5-foot stick and use a screw to fasten it to the 6 to 8-foot garden stick. This will now form a general outlook of the scarecrow, note that we have already the shoulders.

 Step 2. Go ahead and dress the ScareCrow

Dress on the scare scarecrow with worn out or a nice shirt and button it then at the scarecrow hands, tire them around with a string. You can as well leave the shirts like that but it’s good to tie them just only for decency

Step 3. Put hands and legs to the ScareCrow

Crew temporarily make legs to the 6 to 8 garden foot and make sure that the legs are stable enough such that the scarecrow will not need to have much support to make him stand. At this step you can also fix a temporary feet and shoe. Then you also try to fix temporarily hands. You may purchase wood carvings that resemble human hands and fix it.

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Step 4. Making the head

You can the head of the scarecrow from any rounded object or material that will resemble a human head. You can choose like for example wasted farm fruit like a pumpkin and gouge eyes on it. I can also recommend that you use a pillow case and fill it with stuffy materials and make some paintings to pillow case that will resemble eyes and then hook it at the top of the 6 to 8-foot garden stick.

Step 5. Finishing ScareCrow

 Stick the scare to timber using clue or simply just nail the scarecrow carefully to the timber. You can identify an old-fashioned hat and place it above the head of the scarecrow. Your scare crow is now ready.


How to make  the face and head

Making a scarecrow face and head is just an easy task. Simply identify any rounded object that will resemble the head like for example, a ball or any other object that can be modelled further to represent the head. Then now you paint one side of the identified object to represent the face and you can as well paint a different to color in the face to identify the eyes.

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How to make a moving ScareCrow.

 To make a moving scare crow does not mean you make a scare crow that can move, all you have to do just assemble important vital items in making a scarecrow but now choose a balloon to make the head.

When wind blows, the balloon will be moved by the wind. Instead of buttoning scare crow shirt, just leave them unbuttoned and at the hands do not tie them up so that when wind blows, they can be moved. Ensure also you dress the scare crow with very wide trousers but not that much wide and you may not need to keep on putting shoes to him, simply leave him like that.


How to make the hair.

Identify any old-fashioned hair. You can also purchase on from a shop and comb it rightly then place it around the head of the scarecrow.


How to make a scary ScareCrow

Assemble very weird and scary looking objects. Look for horrifying materials to fix the head. Identify a weird looking face, hands and legs too. Then mount them to a scarecrow body and you can also apply some scaring tattoos around the body of the scare crow.

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