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e-Citizen Criminal Investigation Department Guide and Login

e-Citizen Criminal Investigation Department Guide and Login

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e-Citizen Criminal Investigation Department Guide and Login

The Kenya Police Criminal Investigation Department. Now referred to, as Directorate of Criminal Investigations is be a semi-autonomous directorate of the National Police Service liable for investigating complex cases.

A director who reports to the inspector General of Police heads it. The president of Kenya due to the sensitivity of the position appoints the Director. Its headquarters are based in Kiambu road, Nairobi.

The department is further divided into sub departments, namely Directorates at Headquarters. They are as follows:
  • Administration Directorate
  • Operations Directorate
  • Investigation Directorate
  • Forensic Directorate
  • Crime Research Intelligence Bureau
  • National Central Bureau
  • Counter Terrorism Center of Excellence
  • Criminal Intelligence Unit
  • Special Service Unit
  • Public complaints
  • Inspections
  • Logistics
  • Reforms
  • Legal and Crime Affairs
Functions of the DCI
  • To collect and provide criminal intelligence
  • To apprehend offenders
  • To maintain criminal records
  • Undertake investigations on serious crimes including homicide, money laundering, human trafficking, narcotics crimes, economic crimes, terrorism, organized crimes, cybercrimes piracy etc.
  • Conduct forensic analysis
  • Maintain law and order
  • Detect and prevent crimes
  • Execute the directions given to the inspector General by the Director of Public Prosecutions pursuant to the article 157 (4) of the constitution.
  • Perform any other function conferred on it by the written law.
  • Investigate any matter that may be referred to it by the Independent Police Oversight Authority
  • Coordinates county Interpol Affairs
Functions of the Director of Criminal Investigations Department
  • Be responsible for effective and efficient administration and operations of the Directorate
  • Provide internal oversight of the Directorate
  • Co-ordinate training, research and development in the Directorate
  • Undertake Supervision of the Directorate
  • Monitor and Evaluate the Directorate
  • Be responsible for the presentation of the budget and planning for the Directorate
  • Co-operate and engage in joint security operations with the Deputy Inspectors General of both the Kenya Police service and the Administration Police service.
  • Improve transparency and accountability in the department
  • Perform any other functions that may be assigned by the inspector General under this Act or any other law.

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e-Citizen Criminal Investigation Department Login
  • Once you have created your account, follow the simple steps below to log in
  • Search for the eCitizen portal on your browser. https://ecitizen.go.ke/
  • Enter your email address (the one you registered your account with) and password
  • Next click log in and you will be able to access all the government services.
  • Next, click on the link Directorate of Criminal Investigations and select get services now. Or log in via https://dci.ecitizen.go.ke/

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