Alibaba Shipping Agents in Kenya Guide with Examples

Alibaba Shipping Agents in Kenya Guide with Examples

Alibaba Shipping Agents in Kenya Guide with Examples

Alibaba is an e-commerce company that connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. It ensures that businesses aren’t affected by geographical limitations, as traveling often is expensive.

As an individual hoping to acquire various supplies through Alibaba, you may want to use a shipping agent to relieve you of the complexities resulting from sourcing internationally. When choosing a shipping agent, be careful not to contract one who isn’t experienced, as you may have to bear the costs that result from dealing with poorly reputed companies.

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A guide on using shipping agents while in Kenya

DHL, UPS, and Afrisali are some commonly used shipping agents in Kenya. You can choose to:

  1. Ask your supplier to arrange for shipping or
  2. Get in touch with a shipping agent directly.

With the first option, you won’t have to worry about the probability of choosing a poorly reputed agent only to get sub-standard services. Choose the best supplier, as working with an incapable one will also result in substantial losses. Consider the below factors before placing an order with any seller:

  • Star rating.
  • Experience level (number of years they’ve been selling through Alibaba).
  • Cost – go for an affordable supplier, but don’t compromise on quality.

With option two, you must be careful not to engage an incapable shipping agent. Research to determine whether your choices are highly reputed before paying them to ship your items.

On reaching out to the agent, you hope to work with, ask them for their address, as this is where your Alibaba supplier will ship your goods. Please note that you cannot complete your order before your supplier adds the shipping address that you will share with them.


Regarding the cost of using a shipping agent, note that various shipping methods will cost more money. For instance, air transportation is expensive because items will reach you within a short period compared to sea transportation. For example, if using DHL, specify your desired mode of transport because this shipping agent has air and water packages.


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