How to send please call me message on Telkom

How to send, please call me a message on Telkom

How to send please call me message on Telkom

Like Safaricom and Airtel subscribers, Telkom too provides their customers with the opportunity of contacting other persons, either friend, family members, or workers, and they can achieve that by sending a free, please call me a message requesting the other persons to contact them.

However, unlike Airtel, Telkom allows its customers to send a maximum of five please call me messages a day.

Also, the service is only available to Telkom subscribers only. Even though you may not be using an android smartphone, you can send the message and shipping, and please call me to message across other networks. SMS and airtime charges will take place, and similarly, Telkom subscribers cannot receive; please contact me requests from other networks except only from Telkom subscribers.

 This is how to send the; please call me  message
  • From your phones dial pad, dial #123# or *100#
  • Choose the option, products, and services
  • Next, select option 2; please call me
  • Next, enter the phone number of the individual whom you want to send the please call me to request to.
  • Then will then send you a notification informing you that the request has already been sent to the intended receiver and that at the same time, the receiver will receive the message from you.

Alternatively, you can as well send the same request by dialing the short USSD code, *140* then recipients’ number#

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