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How to transfer money from ABSA bank to M-pesa account

How to transfer money from ABSA bank to M-pesa account

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How to transfer money from ABSA bank to M-pesa account

Absa has improved its banking services in order to enhance a good working environment between themselves and their customers. It is a commercial bank that has been in existence for a long period of time. Barclays bank changed its name to Absa bank Kenya plc back in the 2020 on 10th of February. Following the change of the name to Absa, Kenyans using the bank for their banking activities noted the following concerning the change of the name:

  • The change of the name did not bring about change to account details of individuals who have been customers of the bank
  • There was no fee charge that will occurred following the change of the name
  • The branches continued to normally despite the changes
  • All the new ATM card from there were printed Absa
  • The existing Barclays continued to function till their expiry date
  • Both ATM card Absa and Barclays continued to function at the ATM machine cards.
 Absa Kenya

Absa Kenya is licensed by the central bank of Kenya, the central bank and national banking regulatory.it has over 121 branches and over 240 good working ATM machine. The main office is located in Nairobi, Absa westend building off Waiyaki way.

How to transfer money from Absa bank account to M-pesa account via USSD
  • Dial the Barclays Kenya mobile banking code *224#
  • Select mobile money option
  • Enter your own mobile number since you want to withdraw money from your bank account to your M-pesa
  • Enter the four-digit pin for the transaction followed by the account number you want to move the move from
  • Enter the amount from the rage of 1000 to 40000
  • Enter your pin
  • Confirm the details and then press ok

You will receive a notification from both Barclays bank and m-pesa that shows the transaction that has taken place.

 How to transfer money from Barclays bank account to M-pesa account via internet banking service in Kenya

Download the Barclays bank Kenya mobile banking app and then register for the mobile banking services. Fill in your details such as your date of birth, your national identification number of passport number, your Barclays bank account number.

A secure code will be send to you and you will be required to use the secure code to create your username and password.

From the application you will follow the simple steps to carry out all possible transaction including the mpesa transactions

Note you can also transfer money from your mpesa to your bank account by following the steps outlined below here

  • Go to mpesa menu in your sim tool and select lipa na M-pesa
  • Choose pay bill option
  • Enter Barclays bank pay bill number (303030)
  • Enter your Barclays bank account number
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit to your Barclays bank account
  • Enter M-pesa pin and select send
  • You will a confirmation message to end the transaction
Barclays Pay Bill number

Barclays bank pay bill number which customers can use to deposit their money from their M-pesa account to their bank account to without having to go to the bank is 303030.


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How to check Absa balance in Kenya
  • From your phone dial pad dial *120*2272#
  • Follow the simple prompt steps
  • Register for mobile banking and once registered you will be able to check your balances easily and also you will be able to carry out all possible transactions easily with your mobile phone
How to Register/login Absa Kenya online mobile banking
  • Visit the Absa Kenya official website
  • Select Register
  • on the Absa online registration form fill in your details correctly and the code appropriately
  • on your next step enter your ATM card number and input your pin
  • on your next step select the account to be charged then enter your email address and select your title
  • read and accept the instructions then click next
  • choose a strong pin and then select register
  • confirm your details and submit
  • you are ready and full registered to use mobile banking

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Absa USSD Kenya

 You can easily carry out all kid of Absa bank transactions by simply dialing the short USSD code *224# and follow all the simple directory steps that will be displayed to you.

Absa Kenya contacts

Official website www.absabank.co.ke

P o box 30120,000100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone (+254) (20) 4254000

Email address: [email protected]

Facebook: @AbsaKenya

Twitter: @Absabank Kenya









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