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How to write a report with Examples

How to write a report with Examples

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How to write a report with Examples

A report is detailed and at the same time it should also be a summarized document showing out the findings, the results, the observations arising from a given field work event. A report is composed of the following sections

  • Title
  • Summary
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation


In report writing, the title should be written in capital letters. The title is the heading of a given field work event and shows the reader what the report is all about. Also, if you are the person who carried the report, include your name after the title. Make your title brief and also make it appealing to the reader.


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For example



The body

The body now carries the main content of the report. To make your work more qualified and professional spit your points into different subtitles. Each subtitle should have a different concept different from the other written in a separate paragraph.


Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and also supporting evidences or argumentative sentences to show the validity of the points you have stated in the topic sentence.it should also have a clincher sentence at the conclusion part to clinch the work. For example, you can have one of the paragraphs from the title about in this form;


Shortage of sufficient funds to educate their children – (topic sentence) for instance, students are chased out of school if they do not pay their school fees as agreed and in full proportion. Their parents have insufficient  funds to educate them ant this forces the students to go out and work  in order to raise their schools and end up failing to attend almost all classes in the school and may make the students drop out of their schools since they get themselves bored with the studies.


Also, parents fail to fully provide their children with the most essential basic needs, the girls lack sanitary pads and this may force them drop schools– (argumentative sentences). use sentences like, from the two sentences it is clear, the two sentences show us that, to clinch and bring connection in between the two argumentative sentences.


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Under the conclusion of your report bring out all the main ideas you discussed in your report. connect them well using connecting conductions and they be in prose form.it should also be as brief as possible


Recommendations are suggestions which you raise. State what you see needs to be done or what needs to be enforced overcome or to fight out the challenges you have identified above. For example

  • The government needs to bring about free education
  •  The government should also provide female students with sanitary pads


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