How to Check for 2021 Form One Selection

How to Check for 2021 Form One Selection

How to Check for 2021 Form One Selection

For the candidates those who completed for the K.C.P.E exam year 2020, They have to embrace a new way of checking for the form one selection through the internet. This is contrary to what was used to happen years back the line when the form one selection was done through sending of letters by secondary school principles who wrote letters to the students who will be joining the institutions they are heading.

But currently due to trials in avoiding the paper work and due to spread of covid19 the government has devised the online way of students or their guardians to apply for secondary school positions through the internet. And also, we find out after applying for form one position you are supposed to check if your student is chosen in that position or not.

Below is the procedure to follow in order to check if your child is selected for form one in the year 2021. This can be done in two ways, that is either through SMS or through Online;

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1.Through the SMS:

  • When checking for the school you have been admitted to, send an SMS with your Index Number to 22263 from any network in Kenya, that is Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom
  • Then this message will cost you Ksh25.


2.Through the online:

  • In order to check for selection through the internet you need to visit this website:
  • Then after the website is open, select the county and sub-county the candidate did they KCPE from, then enter your index number and submit.
  • Then in order to end the process click on the link “admission letter” at the bottom of the page, download and print the admission letter from the website.
  • After you have printed the letter from the website, take the admission letter and present it to the headteacher from the school in which you did your K.C.P.E exam for endorsement.
  • Also, you are supposed to present yourself with five (5) photo size passports and result slip for endorsement also to the headteacher in the primary school you did your KCPE, before reporting date to the secondary school.

NB: The form one selection process for KCPE candidates’ year 2020 is completely automated. Then the above two procedures are the only ways one can use to check for the selection, also one uses the same procedure whether you are checking for either national, extra county, county or county secondary schools.

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