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How to Apply for KNEC invigilation, Qualifications and Payments

How to Apply for KNEC invigilation, Qualifications and Payments

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How to Apply for KNEC invigilation, Qualifications and Payments

The following steps discussed below explain ways on how one can apply for KNEC invigilation and the following positions can be applied for;

  • Supervisor
  • Invigilator
  • Center manager
  • Driver
  • Security officer

Applications for the above positions are done online and a person who is willing to apply for the respective position is supposed to follow the following steps

  • Visit the official website https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • Enter your phone number starting with the code belonging to our country in following format 25407xxxxxxxx
  • A SMS will be sent to you containing your log- in details to the site
  • Use the log-in details to log into the site and fill the online application forms
  • Update your profile and then click save
  • Select the vacancy positions which you will be applying for
  • Submit your application

Note: if you are getting an error message, then it means you had registered for previously and if you do not remember your password, then you should send the word PASSWORD to the number 22262 to get in your log-in details including your password.

 Also, once your application yields success for the position you had applied for and you have received an invitation letter, you will be required to fill in a declaration form.

Payment for the KNEC Examiner 2021

Below are the payments for the personnel who will take part during the K.C.S.E and K.S.P.E examination period this year.

For K.C.P.E, the payment is as follows;
  • C.P.E Supervisors will be paid Ksh 2,485
  • C.P.E invigilators will be paid Ksh 1,615
  • C.P.E Security officers will be paid Ksh 1,050
  • C.P.E drivers will be paid Ksh 1,050.
For the K.C.S.E, the payments shall be as follows;
  • C.S.E Supervisors will be paid Ksh 12,510 for those in Nairobi and Mombasa county for the other counties the salary is Ksh 11,340
  • C.S.E invigilators will be paid Ksh 9,860 for those in Nairobi and Mombasa county for the other counties the salary is Ksh 7,820
  • The principals will be paid 9,000 while security officers and drivers will be paid Ksh 6,720 and Ksh 6,480 respectively.

Note: the payment stated above will cover the entire examination period.

KNEC portal

To access KNEC portal, visit the site www.knec-portal.ac.ke

Qualifications required qualifying as an examiner in Kenya

Individuals who would like to apply for examiner position in Kenya, they should make sure that they follow the following guiding instructions appropriately;

  • Applications should always be made via the KNEC’S online platform
  • You must pay the full training fee which amounts to Ksh 10,500 this yea
  • You must have your own subjects of specialization
  • You must have a teaching experience of 3 years and above from time of graduation
  • Be an individual of high integrity
  • Before qualifying for training, you must have been recommended by the head of institution which you were working initially.
  • If you want to be an examiner for KCPE then you must have had a mean grade of C (PLAIN) at your KCSE results
  • If you want to be an examiner for KCSE then you have had a minimum qualification of a Diploma in Teacher Education
  • You should be 50 years and below
  • You must not have faced any disciplinary action from any employer

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Other qualifications which are looked for includes:
  • Gender balance
  • Work experience
  • Your professional qualifications
  • Regional consideration such that we do not experience cases of examiners coming from the same area all of them
How to apply for KNEC Examiner vacancies
  • Visit this site https://cp2.knec.ac.ke
  • Fill in your details correctly and print the form
  • Next step you will be required to fill two sections one which is 2.0 and the other 4.0 manually then forward the document to KNEC

Note: only teachers and tutors who presented the required necessary details will be required in the exercise.

Address your application to: The Chief Executive Offer, National Examinations Council (KNEC) P.O BOX 73598-00200 Nairobi.

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Paying the training fee.

Each trainee will be required to pay a total training fee of Ksh 10,500 using the KNEC M-pesa pay bill number 819 313 using your own mobile number to make the payments and for the account number you shall indicate the applicable examination category and capture the M-pesa Reference number on the application form.


KNEC contacts


Fax: +254-020-2226032

Mobile: 0720741001/0732333860

Email address: [email protected]

P.O BOX: 7359800200, Nairobi, Kenya.

Website: knec.ac.ke

Facebook page: Kenya National Examination Council

Twitter handle: KNEC (@ExamsCouncil)


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