How to increase M-Pesa fuliza limit

How to Apply and Increase Safaricom Fuliza Loan Limit

How to increase M-Pesa fuliza limit

Fuliza is a short loan service that is accessed by Safaricom subscribers only. To access Fuliza loan service you must be an active frequent user of Safaricom services and also you must be a frequent user of M-pesa Safaricom services.

You must also have used the Safaricom sim card for a period of six months and above. Below are the criteria which you can use to increase your Fuliza loan limit.

  • First, ensure that you are an active user of Safaricom M-pesa service. Make sure you make frequent M-pesa transactions continually.
  • Second, make sure you repay your loan on time, always repay your Fuliza loans on time to make sure that your loan limit continues increasing.

Note: if you fail to repay your Fuliza loan limit within a period of 30 days, you are disqualified to access Fuliza loan limit for a certain period of time and to access the loan limit again you must repay the loan 100% together with penalty and interest applicable.

  • Thirdly, if you are an active user of Fuliza services and you wish to increase your loan limit, try to opt out of the Fuliza service, then again now opt in to the service, this is just a trial and error method and through the process your loan limit may increase or at some other times it fails to increase.
Fuliza charges

The charges for Fuliza service are an interest rate of 1.083% the amount you borrowed and also a daily charge which are charged as follows depending on the amount of money that you borrowed;

  •  If borrowed an amount of Kshs 0-100 the charge is only a one-time payment of Kshs 2
  • If borrowed an amount of Kshs 101-500 daily charge is Kshs 5
  • If borrowed an amount of Kshs 501-1000 daily charge is Kshs 10
  • If borrowed an amount of Kshs 1001-1500 daily charge is Kshs 20
  • If borrowed an amount of Kshs 1501-2500 daily charge is Kshs 25
  • If borrowed an amount of Kshs 2501-70,000 daily charge is Kshs 30


How can you check your Fuliza loan limit?

If you have been wondering of how you can check your Fuliza loan limit, then worry no more, this is how to go about it:

  • On your Phone dial pad, dial *234#
  • Select 0 Fuliza M-pesa
  • Select option 1. check my limit

You will get a notification on the pop-up screen telling you that your request has been received and is being processed and then within a short while you will receive a text message showing you your Fuliza loan limit.

 How you can deregister from Fuliza loan services

This is you opt out of the Fuliza services

  • On your sim dial pad, dial *234#
  • Select 0 Fuliza M-pesa
  • then select opt out.

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How you can buy airtime from Fuliza

 Follow the procedural steps below to buy airtime from Fuliza account

  • Go to your M-Pesa menu
  • then choose PayBill option
  • Enter the business number which is 737373
  • Enter the account number which is simply your mobile phone number
  • Then choose the amount of airtime to buy
  • Enter your pin number and then select send

Safaricom Fuliza loan Application

The Fuliza loan app is available on google play store as Fuliza loan app; you can download it for quicker loan transactions and many more other transactional activities.


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 Safaricom Fuliza loan terms and conditions

To learn about Fuliza loan terms and conditions, there are a variety of ways which you can know, you can follow these steps here first

  • On your sim dial pad, dial *234#
  • Select 0 Fuliza M-pesa
  • Then select option 5, know more ab out Fuliza, then follow the next prompt steps.

  You can also get to know about Fuliza term and conditions through Fuliza loan APP

Also, at Safaricom official website concerning Fuliza you can also get to know much about Fuliza loans term and conditions

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