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An intro to CoinMpesa in under 5 minutes

An intro to CoinMpesa in under 5 minutes

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An intro to CoinMpesa in under 5 minutes


CoinMpesa is a company that deals with investments from Global Services Plus based in Singapore. CoinMpesa has also been working in conjunction with other companies like cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin as the major partner.

It also has some good services offered with advantages.

  1. It is eligible

It’s eligibility states that you must at least be an adult of 18 years and above to access and use its services. The country or state you are in should also be in a position to offer its services. If you are in line with the terms and conditions of using it you are good to go.

No illegal access is allowed especially if you had been forbidden from using CoinMpesa. If you are using on a given warranty, make sure you present it so that your access can be legalized.

  1. High levels of security and information protection

When using CoinMpesa always know that your details and information are secure. They are highly protected to make sure no one else can have access to them. Only those with the authority and validity to access it can have it.

Your information can only be processed according to the company’s instructions. This site has good systems which are always checked to make sure they are in good condition to protect your personal information from frauds.

There are detections in the system in case someone tries to illegally access your data. These services are therefore efficient and confidential to keep your information safe.

  1. Its currency services have been digitalized

The digital currency services provided include cryptocurrency such as bitcoins. This service enables you in transferring, storing and managing your money. They are mostly convenient during buying and selling products on the site especially with exchange on digital currency.

  1. Good services for withdrawal and cash deposits

Withdrawals on this site are always on time. Once you withdraw any amount, it always reflects in your account within 24hrs throughout the week. The method you used in depositing always determines your withdrawal.

Instant withdrawal is available which have made this site to be good. The eWallet systems are great in withdrawals to ensure you get your money on time.

Withdrawing your money also depends on the plan of investment you used. Some offer a certain amount which may be smaller or more than others. Make sure you reach the minimum amount to withdraw for you to enjoy this service.

  1. Easy account setup

If you want to access the CoinMpesa services, you first need to create an account. You log in to CoinMpesa.com account. Sign in with your name and email address then create a password to safeguard your account’s privacy.

You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the site. Only one person is supposed to use this service unless they get an authorized permission from the site.

On completion of creating an account, you will be responsible for all activities that you do in your account. The site has the ability to control the accounts created. It can fail to open it, put in on hold or regulate the accounts that you may created.

  1. Good private policy

The private policy of this site ensures everything goes well. Incase there are any changes that are made, you will be notified immediately on your email address. Updates are always sent there that is why it is advisable to check from time to time.

  1. Efficient trading tools

Using CoinMpesa gives you a chance to use free trading tools when carrying out your trade. It gives one a good chance to invest in it.

  1. Great platforms for trading

CoinMpesa has good platforms which makes it easy and has numerous ways of trading.


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Features of CoinMpesa

  • It is fast due to the technology that has advanced hence makes the trading service be simple and convenient for users.
  • It provides accurate results despite working fast.
  • Available daily and always runs for 24hrs.
  • It offers stocks which are well know to trade like Facebook and Apple.

Measures taken by CoinMpesa to ensure security of funds

  1. Deals with well know banks

It ensures that only major banks that are well know are the ones used by clients to open up their accounts. This Is simply a way to ensure liquidity and keep people’s money safe.

  1. Leading insurance in the market

The company has come up with an insurance that prevents your information from leaking to the third party. This insurance ensures to keep your confidential information safe. An insurance called Civil Liability which ensures there are no errors that occur with your funds or omissions to cause loss of your money.

How can one activate their free account?

All users have the option of funding a free account. You simply log in to a section called myCT and deposit money via the payment method of your choice.


Is Coinmpesa a legit or scam platform?

These are the questions that the majority of people have. Since it has fewer users, some claim it is not legitimate. However, users find it useful, particularly for trading. It is safe to use because of its security to contain one’s information.



Ultimately, CoinMpesa is a company that has aided many traders. It has good services and gives you plenty of time to complete your tasks. It has several advantages, particularly in terms of security and confidentiality. It is thus advantageous to work with.

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