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E-Passport Application in Kenya and passport requirements

E-Passport Application in Kenya and passport requirements

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E-Passport Application in Kenya and passport requirements

A passport is a document that shows one’s national identity when travelling to a country other than their own.

It also allows a traveller back to their country when returning from their overseas visit. It is deemed effective when used together with a visa, so that the number of days that one should stay in the overseas nation are specified.


You must apply for a passport from your country of origin before planning any travels abroad.


The application process varies from country to country. In Kenya, the Government has made it easy for citizens to access government-related services by introducing e-Citizen which is an online platform that any Kenyan of legal age or foreigner who’s residing in Kenya, where both have ID documents, can sign in to.


On this portal, there is an option that enables individuals to apply for new passports, renew old ones, and replace lost ones. For a better understanding on how to complete the process, below is a review of how to apply for a Kenyan E-passport.


Creating an e-Citizen account

As stated above, you should access the e-Citizen online platform to access various government services, with the application of a passport being one of them. Follow the following steps to create an account on this website:

  1. On your browser, click on https://www.ecitizen.go.ke/.
  2. Click on create an account, which is on the top-right corner of your screen.
  3. Click on e-Citizen Kenya Citizen (e-Citizen foreign residents will do if you’re a foreigner).
  4. On the slots provided, enter your ID number and your first name, as it appears on your ID.
  5. Click on validate, after which your ID and name should appear if you gave the correct details.
  6. Enter your email address (and confirm it), phone number, then create a password (and confirm it).
  7. Accept the terms and conditions.
  8. Enter the verification code that will be sent through the phone number you have provided.
  9. Upon successful verification, you can now enter your ID number and password to log in to e-Citizen.

Now that you have an e-Citizen account, you can apply for a passport, but only if you meet the set requirements.



Requirements to apply for a passport in Kenya
  • Original ID and a photocopy.
  • Original birth certificate and a photocopy.
  • Passport-sized photos (current).
  • An e-Citizen passport application form and three receipts to verify payment.
  • A photocopy of the recommender’s ID.
  • Letter of consent if a minor is involved.
  • Old passport for replacement.
  • Parents’ national ID cards and photocopies.


Passport application process

Below are the steps to follow when applying for a passport:

  1. Sign in to your e-Citizen account (https://www.ecitizen.go.ke/).
  2. Navigate to the directorate of immigration services and click on get service for new applications.
  3. Click continue.
  4. Select the passport application
  5. Fill the required details accurately.
  6. Select the payment mode and pay the amount stated, depending on the passport you’re applying for.
  7. Download the application form and 3 receipts after paying.
  8. Print the form and receipts.
  9. Submit the form and receipts to the immigration office for processing.

If you’ve filled the application form correctly, for a first-time passport, you should get it in at least 10 days. For any other passport type, you can get it in 5 business days.


E-passport application fees

Again, note that the amount you’ll pay for your passport is dependent on the type of application you’re making. Below are the costs associated with different types of passports and application reasons:

  1. East African passport – Ksh 900.
  2. Diplomatic passport (48 pages) – Ksh 7,550.
  3. Mutilated passport – Ksh 10,050.
  4. Lost passport – Ksh 12,050.
  5. Ordinary passport (32 pages) ‘A’ series – Ksh 4,550.
  6. Ordinary passport (48 pages) ‘B’ series – Ksh 6,050.
  7. Ordinary passport (64 pages) ‘C’ series – Ksh 7,550.
Customer care contacts

Phone numbers: 0772246669 (Nairobi), 0708206206 (Mombasa).


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