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List of Businesses to start with 300K in Kenya

List of Businesses to start with 300K in Kenya

Updated on October 2nd, 2021 at 7:55 am

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List of Businesses to start with 300K in Kenya

There is no limit to the amount of money you can spend on starting a business. The little you have will, with time, multiply into something you can be proud of. Provided you have strategies for ensuring that your investment results in substantial profits, nothing is impossible.

However, failure to determine the best course of action to become the best performer in your niche will lead to massive losses. With Ksh 300,000, there are a couple of business ideas you can consider. Below are a few of these businesses to set you on the right track:

  • Hair salon

Most Kenyan ladies have kinky hair, meaning they often need a professional’s help to clean and style it. As a result, the hair salon business can bring massive benefits, depending on the quality of your services and whether or not your financial decisions are wise or not.

In addition to renting or leasing a space for your salon, you’ll have to buy hair extensions, blow dryers, combs, furniture, towels, and different hair products.


  • Cybercafe

Starting a cyber cafe in Kenya is an excellent idea as you’ll be offering services such as printing, photocopying, scanning, and laminating documents, which people do not have at home.

To buy a printer, scanner, and computer, you’ll need around Ksh 250,000, and you can use the rest to pay for the registration of your business and finding your café’s location. When starting, you don’t have to buy much equipment. You can do so as your business grows.

  • Laundry business

This business will help bridge the gap where people are too busy to do their laundry. With Ksh 300,000, you can buy detergents, basins, iron boxes and hire one or two people to help, especially if you prefer to do the laundry by hand.

You can also opt to buy a washing machine, which will save time and reduce the cost of hiring other people to clean the clothes. Ensure to satisfy your clients so that they can continuously pay for your high-quality services.

  • Eatery

Kenyans, especially those who live in cities, are ever in a hurry to move from one activity to the next. As such, most of them may not have time to prepare home-cooked meals.

When deciding the meals to include in your menu, consider the likes of most of your potential customers, as some prefer healthy meals, while others go for fast foods such as fries. Your costs may be divided into renting out a small space, buying furniture, utensils, and hiring someone to help with cooking or cleaning the dishes.

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  • Car wash business

Nobody wants to drive around in a dirty car. For this reason, a car wash will generate high profits, provided you devote your efforts to offering the best cleaning services.

You’ll have to invest in vacuum cleaners (approximately Ksh 30,000 each), a Water tank (approximately Ksh 45,000), buckets, brushes, and detergents, which will all go at approximately Ksh 5,000. Also, you will have to hire a few people to increase the number of vehicles cleaned at once.


  • Gym

People want to feel and look great, and exercising is one of the many ways to achieve this goal. By starting a gym, you’ll be giving your clients a chance to improve their life’s quality. This business requires that you invest in equipment such as weights, skipping ropes, and dumbbells. In the beginning, you do not have to spend all your money on expensive equipment such as treadmills.

You can choose to develop unique workout routines that require no equipment but make sure they are effective. Research as much as you can on the effectiveness of these workouts as your clients will pay you to transform their lives.


  • Selling clothes

Choose whether you want to concentrate on men’s or women’s clothes. After doing this, think about where you will source the clothes from, considering factors like uniqueness and cost.

If you decide to source internationally, be ready to pay shipping and customs fees. Ensure to market your clothes extensively through social media platforms, word of mouth, and even by offering the best to your customer so that they can refer their friends and family members.

  • Farming

Eating is an everyday affair, so you can be sure that the farming business will bear results unless the weather or economic conditions change. You can lease a piece of land for a few months or years, as Ksh 300,000 may not be enough to buy land.

Decide on what you want to grow on your leased property, and research how to increase your yields. If need be, seek expert advice on being an excellent farmer.

  • Bakery

Depending on how good your baking skills are, you can start a bakery. You’ll spend around Ksh 100,000 on buying one or two ovens, Ksh 20,000 or less on renting space for the business, and Ksh 70,000 on furnishing your bakery.

You can use the rest on hiring an employee, buying packaging material, and developing customized labels on the packages or walls of your bakery.


Regardless of the kind of business you choose, remember that your goal is to satisfy your customers so that they do not think about visiting your competitors.


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