M-Kopa Products, Guide, App, PayBill Number & Contacts

M-Kopa Products, Guide, App, PayBill Number & Contacts

M-Kopa Products, Guide, App, PayBill Number & Contacts

Mkopa is a Kenyan solar energy company that offers pay as you go solar home systems, with payments collected in small amounts using mobile money or digital payments.

M-Kopa Products

Solar Products

M-Kopa IV solar home system – this is the smallest package. Some of its features are:

  • Four Bright 1.2W LED bulbs
  • A custom charge cable
  • A rechargeable LED torch
  • A 5 in one phone charge cable
  • A 8W solar panel
  • Rechargeable FM/USB radio
  • A M-kopa 5 control unit with Lithium Battery

M-Kopa 600 – this package comes with a 24-inch television. That means the solar TV price is part of the total amount. Here are its features:

  • 2 solar lights with a high and low setting
  • Solar rechargeable radio
  • 2 phone charging cables
  • M-kopa 600 control unit
  • 24 flat screen Digital screen
  • 30W solar panel
  • TV remote control and Aerial

M-kopa 6000 – this is the best product but the most expensive right now. Some of its features are:

  • 2 solar tube lights
  • Solar rechargeable LED torch
  • Solar rechargeable radio
  • 2 phone charging cables
  • 1 X 6m solar Light Extension cable
  • M-Kopa 6000 control unit
  • 32 flat screen Digital TV
  • 60W solar panel
  • TV remote control and aerial
  • 2 solar lights with a high and low setting

The company also offers upgrade products. They include:

  • Smartphones for example Samsung AO3 Core, Samsung A10s, Samsung A21s, Nokia 2.4
  • Fridges for instance Solar 100 Fridge
  • Water tanks
Financial Services

The company also launched Solapesa cash loans to existing customers. Some of them are:

  • Hospicash- prepare for the unexpected and enjoy a stress free life Hospicash and life insurance
  • Zuku Content – enjoy the best entertainment through a rage of channels with Zuku premium satellite TV.
  • Jikokoa – Save more with a durable and fast cooking stove with 50% less charcoal.
M-Kopa Guide

This guide give you more information on how to get started and how M-kopa works.

  • The first step is buying the M-kopa solar and becoming a customer. All you need to achieve this step is to visit a registered dealer in your location
  • On your visit, the dealer will explain the available products and their respective payment plans. This will allow you to choose the most appropriate payment plan that will suit you.
  • Once the dealer registers you, a customer care representative will call you then you will pay a deposit
  • Later you will be making daily payments of as less as Ksh.50 for the next one year. The daily payments are made via MPESA.
  • You will become the owner of the solar system once you complete your payments.



M-Kopa App

The M-Kopa App is designed to help existing customers. Currently the app supports customers using     M-Kopa. From the App, you can pay to unlock your devices, see your account balances and quickly contact M-Kopa. It helps existing customers manage their M-Kopa products.

Below is a guide on how to download and install M-Kopa.

  • Open your google Play Store and search for M-Kopa App.
  • Next, install the app to your device
  • Open the installed M-Kopa app and enjoy it.

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M-Kopa PayBill Number

If you want to make payment on M-Kopa via paybill number, follow the simple steps below:

  • On your phone, open your Mpesa menu.
  • Tap on Lipa na Mpesa
  • Next select Paybill
  • Enter 333222 as the M-Kopa paybill number
  • Enter the ID number you used to register for M-Kopa as the account number
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your secret M-PESA pin then select send
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS from Mpesa for the transaction
M-Kopa Contacts
  • Location – Chania Avenue, off ring road, Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Address – P.O.BOX 51866-00100 Nairobi, Kenya
  • Phone – +254(0) 707 333 222
  • Email[email protected]
  • WhatsApp Number – +254 799 136 761


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