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Seedhosteu Review, Dedicated Servers, Support

Seedhost/Seedhosteu,Review, Dedicated Servers, Support

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Seedhost/Seedhosteu,Review, Dedicated Servers, Support

SeedHost/Seedhosteu has had many pros and cons, but we explain it all. In this article, we take you through the user experiences with SeedHost based on their reviews, dedicated servers, and support. Let’s get started as we uncover the hidden facts about SeedHost.



Seedhost/Seedhosteu Review

There are many negative comments about every web hosting service and SeedHost is no exception. However, if you look at it from a positive perspective, you can give it a try.

SeedHost is among the few recommended shared hosting available and you can rely on it as a business person. It’s fast with a good speed. Sometimes it goes to 2.1Gbps, which is top-notch.

They are also good, especially for a shared plan running plex. These plans allow you to have a good experience over the internet with few users.

In addition, they have a good peering to keep you online as you manage various activities on site. SeedHost is also good for running plex drive and radar.

If you are looking forward to having lots of ad-on on a web hosting site, SeedHost is the best option. It has many of them such as Plex which you can use to stream media to several home appliances such as Roku.

SeedHost is an excellent provider with great peering even for low tiers. They use DC as their lease web to enhance your user experience, which is necessary for any good web hosting company.

SeedHost has fair prices and charges at an affordable cost. Unlike other shared web hosting companies, the prices are low and subscriptions are user-friendly.

For instance, you can have a 600GB seedbox for €7 per month. You can view their prices for various packages and subscribe to any of them depending on your site’s requirements.

Uploading traffic is done using caps and the seedbox. Instead of cutting you off, they just upload your data at high speeds for the remaining part of the entire month without overcharging.

The monthly traffic is generally awesome from the first time you sign up with SeedHost. The better part, you can double it together with the HDD space by upgrading to a higher subscription plan.

SeedHost supports FTP with various operating systems and applications. This creates convenience in operation and file transfer among different sections.

Also, you can include a URL to stream your files from one location to another, which is a quick process if you are tech-savvy.

Besides the good reviews, it’s worth noting that there are no refunds for dedicated servers. Therefore, being careful in dealing with the servers while placing your order can help save some agony.

Furthermore, poor peering may result due to various factors such as your location. Consequently, the speed will be lower than expected. Always consider your location before choosing SeedHost as your preferred web hosting company.

Dedicated servers are always nonrefundable. Therefore, getting a VPN with a good peering is the best option while selecting SeedHost. However, most of their ISPs and Lease web always function well.

Unfortunately, SeedHost doesn’t provide more about handling your privacy. It is unlikely that your IP address is safe, although such cases haven’t been witnessed for a long time.


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Seedhost/Seedhosteu Dedicated Servers

Their dedicated servers are available to provide quality services within the shortest time during the installation. Usually, installation starts once SeedHost receives your payment.

You should expect your site to be active online within 3 hours on average. However, it may take a maximum of 24 hours in case of any technical issues to be solved if need be.

SeedHost has a unique way of maintaining your site online and grants your many features to use due to using their dedicated servers. Among these are:

  • Monthly contracts
  • Dedicated IP
  • Free reinstallation of the OS
  • Free reboots
  • 999% uptime
  • Full authority to root access

The dedicated servers provide a secure hosting environment for data protection without breaching personal details.

Each of the server’s connections has a 1Gbit connection and 1GigE uplink to facilitate fast and accurate data acquisition when online.

The 1Gbps servers come in various packages from their dedicated servers, enabling you to select one that best suits your requirements.

These include:

  • CPU ranging from Intel X3440 4c/8t 2.53GHz to Intel E5-1650 v4 6c/12t 3.6GHz
  • RAM of 8GB to 32GB
  • Hard drives of 4 x 2 TB to 4 x 16 TB
  • Monthly traffic of 1100 TB

You can order a package from their dedicated servers from as little as £32 to £96 per month and have your site running live online.

Seedhost/Seedhosteu Support

The support team is available to serve you using email and support tickets. However, sending a ticket helps you get a quick response compared to an email.

You can easily type the information you want in the client area if you have an active account to get a faster response. Click  here to get started.

Although emails may take time to get a response, you can easily send an email if having any of the following issues:

Usually, customer support will reach out to you within minutes if not busy. You can reach greater heights with their support and quick response.


SeedHost is one of the best seedboxes you can have, owing to their better experience, storage, and features as well as pricing. The fact that their pros greatly outweigh their cons proves it to be a good seedbox site for your web hosting needs.

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