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List of Fastest WordPress Hosting

List of Fastest WordPress Hosting

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List of Fastest WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is convenient for most website owners, though not all of them are fast enough to meet optimal performance needs. Here’s a list of the fastest WordPress hosting sites proven to be worthy in the hosting web niche.


  1. HostPapa

HostPapa is among the fastest hosting providers with many features that support WordPress. For instance, most of its features are unlimited besides offering high-speed hosting.

The bandwidth and space are unlimited for both VPS and shared hosting. HostPapa also provides more than 200 apps for your site, incorporating everything in WordPress.

These include plugins for PayPal for commercial websites with greater compatibility for Linux systems but also support Windows.

Besides, HostPapa offers affordable services with a great support team that’s dedicated to giving responses within a short period.

The 99.9% uptime guarantee contributes to its fast nature to keep servers online, clients coming to your site, and help you attain your online goals.


  1. HostGator

Its popularity in the hosting web niche attests to one of the best WordPress-supported sites for building an online presence.

HostGator’s WordPress is a one-click install to help you integrate apps seamlessly. Like HostPapa, it has an uptime of 99.9% to maintain your site’s visibility on the internet.

Although its WordPress features are impressive, HostGator has additional free features for all users regardless of the subscription plans. Let’s  break them down:

  • SSL Certificate
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Domain registration

The WordPress-supported site also has ecommerce tools to help business people conduct their activities online.

If you feel dissatisfied with your current hosting provider, HostGator has an easy-to-use cPanel to help you with web migration without losing any files and data.

The pricing is flexible, from as low as $ 2.75 per month for an introductory offer to $5.08 for special business plan offers.


  1. BlueHost

BlueHost has a WordPress website builder that allows for scalability. You can start with easier and more affordable plans and scale your way upwards.

Like other sites, BlueHost also allows you to install apps and upgrade your system with a simple click.

Still not convinced? A money-back guarantee ensures that you only allow BlueHost to host your website if you are satisfied with what they offer.

Start building your WordPress site on BlueHost and get their feel of keeping you online and enjoying their numerous benefits like great discounts.

Upgrading your plans on BlueHost helps you meet your needs, such as blog post management, email marketing, CSS customization, live editing, and many more!

Plus, the hosting and design features cannot be underestimated. Can you imagine creating a custom website on BlueHost’s WordPress with:

  • Animated headlines
  • Webpage carousels
  • Responsive mobile editing
  • WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

While the least may be endless, BlueHost is among the fastest sites that you can trust with your website to be set up using WordPress.


  1. SiteGround

Speed is a priority on SiteGround to ensure that neither your overall website performance nor the admin control panel is slow.

 It has thoughtfully designed tools to build and maintain your website if you decide to host using WordPress.

The tools mainly facilitate your website speed by performing daily backups and keeping multiple copies of your files for 30 days in case anything goes wrong.

SiteGround uses a staging tool combined with WordPress to help you make changes on your website to give it the desired appearance.

In addition, the toolkit is impressive to help manage your website, particularly if you are a WordPress developer. Here are some tools you can access on SiteGround:

  • Got generation for GoGeek accounts
  • Multiple SFTP key
  • WP-CLI on all plans
  • SSH Access to all plans
  • Site switching for PHP account versions

SiteGround thought that tools without knowledge of using them are not enough. Therefore, it decided to provide WordPress REST API eBook for beginners to enhance their skills in using WordPress as they gain more knowledge of controlling the sites.


  1. Kinsta

Since having a great uptime is not enough to make WordPress fast and produce optimum results, Kinsta includes an inbuilt application performance monitoring tool for WordPress.

The Cloudflare enterprise and DDoS firewall protection further boost the speed by protecting your site against malicious activities that often slow down WordPress performance.

Among many benefits of Kinsta are:

  • Free Wildcard SSL support
  • Multilingual support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Flexible plans
  • Reverse proxy
  • Additional PHP workers

Kinsta’s CDN capability is tremendous, with great analytics for your site using WordPress. It has an average high performance that has contributed to consistently high ratings over its competitors.

If you need quick and frequent backups, Kinsta has what it takes to solve the issue with their A+ team of experts.

All programs that preclude using plugins run smoothly and at high speeds on WordPress because of their fast website codebase and database.


  1. Flywheel

Fortunately, Flywheel only hosts WordPress-supported sites. It is, therefore, a good platform to use as it has experts who can help you build, set up, and manage your site easily.

It is also fast and has free demos, a 60-day money-back guarantee, a free SSL certificate, malware cleanups, and web migration.

Flywheel’s dedicated resources mean you’re not sharing the server with anyone else, leading to high performance.

The 99.9% uptime puts your site live with fast loading speeds to prevent downtime and inconveniences. You can check Flywheel’s pricing page to get started with as little as $13 per month.

Bottom line

While WordPress may be among the best alternatives to entrust your site for hosting, high performance relies on speed. Select the best site with optimal speed for faster loading and great uptime.


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