How to write an Application Letter with Examples

How to write an Application Letter with Examples

How to write an Application Letter with Examples

Application letter is a letter that an individual writes to a company or an individual employee seeking for employment. Writing an application letter seeking for employment opportunity is a way of testing individual interest to look for job used by managers and individual employees.

It entails individual education qualification and his or her experience in work. If it is the first time you are writing an application letter and you are still wondering how to do it, then don’t worry, I’ll show you the format and what you are supposed to include in an application letter in the paragraphs below.

Review all necessary information about the company you are looking job for

Research all kind of information about the company. Search for information pertaining the available job opportunities in the in the company. This greatly aids you in knowing the position in which you can apply for. It also greatly makes you more informed such that even when writing the application letter, you know the particular addresses of the company, their phone numbers and the available job positions you can apply for

Use a professional format to write the letter

An application letter is not just like any other letter you write to your family, friends, spouses, it is an official document, an official communication with the manager and therefore when writing the letter, you are not supposed to include any kind of greetings in the letter ,go straight to the point.

Write short address headings

You can write the headings addresses in block letters or small letters. On the left side of your paper, begin by writing your own personal information i.e. your full names. Address, phone number, and at the end you skip one line and write the date of the letter for example;

Felix Mwendwa

P.O box 1234,





The next address heading, write information related to company addressing the manager. If you know their name you can include it but if you do not them just leave it and follow the following format

To the manager,

Name of the company,

Address of the company,



After now you have the headings, the next step is salutation. After the short address heading, skip one line before writing the salutation. salutation should just be brief for example dear sir/madam. The reason as why we say dear sir/madam is simply because we do not know the gender of the manager. Skip one line before going to the next step


The title should be written in block letters and should be underlined. Under the title section, capture the work position in which you are applying for and follow the following format.


Skip on line before you move to the body



Here now the main concept or else now the application letter itself begins now. First go direct and tell the manager the main reason for writing this letter to him or her. you may also use words like

I am writing this letter to apply for, -mention the position you are applying for.

I am hereby taking this opportunity apply for- mention the position you are applying for.

Then now let the manager and the company know how you knew about the vacant position you are applying for, For example, may be it was through an advert, may it was through social media platform or any other channel make sure you let the manager know. After writing one paragraph, just skip one line and go to the next paragraph.


In the next paragraph, let the manager know about your working experience. you can also tell them about the skills you have trained for and also mention about your education qualifications and the grades you acquired. This greatly makes you distinct from the rest of individuals who are applying for the same job opportunity and it might make the manager choose you over them. Mention also something about your personal character and strengths.


In the next paragraph, start now making a conclusion of your letter. Remember an application letter should be as brief as possible and should be a one-page document. Thank the manager through the letter and tell them that you would like to hear from them soon in receiving a reply.


Skip one line before you write the conclusion

Beginning from the bottom left page of your page now write the conclusion, for example

Yours faithfully, sincerely.

Felix muia



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P.O BOX 10,









Dear sir/madam,



I am writing this letter to apply for an enumerator position following the notice that was released recently seeking to recruit enumerators to undertake the annual Survey, 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. As requested, I enclose full detailed curriculum vitae.


The role is very appealing to me and I believe that the experience from the 2019 census enumeration progress which I participated in as an enumerator together with my education qualification make me a highly competitive candidate suitable for this position.


My undergraduate degree in statistics and programming has given me exposure and basic skills in counting and data manipulation which I will enforce during the exercise. Also my knowledge in programming will greatly aid towards the success of the project. I am a very hardworking man and I promise that I will also remain a hardworking, dedicated and an obedient individual all through the by election voting exercise.


I can be reached anytime via the email address [email protected] or by cell phone number 0722*** ***.


Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


Yours sincerely,

Felix Mwendwa

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